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   1.  Limiting the Emergence and Spread of Antimicrobial Resistance
   2.  « Nous, médecins, avons toujours l’Espérance à rendre présente »
   3.  Of all human diseases, 60% originate in animals
   4.  El pobre gritó y el Señor lo escuchó
   5.  AMA Wrestles with Physician-Assisted Suicide Stance
   6.  Pope Francis: science provides the ‘charity of knowledge’
   7.  Sobre la castidad
   8.  Providing Expanded Moral and Religious Exemptions to HHS Mandate
   9.  El Dr. Marià Mullerat, mártir por su Fé
   10.  Adolescencia y Adicciones: Una mirada desde la bioética
   11.  12 raisons de dire non à l’euthanasie
   12.  The Pulse Magazine Fall/Winter 2018
   13.  Past President Walter Osswald: 90 Years!
   14.  Faithful to God´s Design
   15.  La eutanasia mata
   16.  Incontro Medico Europeo
   17.  Canadian bishops on cannabis (+ Français)
   19.  On Physician-Assisted Suicide
   21.  San Pablo VI, el hambre y la FAO
   22.  Kenya Catholic Doctors Association Conference 2018
   23.  Advancing Humanae vitae
   24.  Grazie Papa Francesco!
   25.  Pope Francis on Thou shalt not kill
   26.  Jornada sobre Enfermedades Raras (Barcelona)
   27.  The good example of White Masses
   28.  Our assistant named consultor for the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life
   29.  Mothers matter
   30.  Catholic Doctors in Iceland about WMA
   31.  The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2018
   32.  Pope: No aid institution can replace human compassion
   33.  On death penalty
   34.  Contro i farmaci costosi e/o ineficaci
   35.  Building a Culture of Life
   36.  Pope on World Deaf Day 2018
   37.  The Healing of Pieter de Rudder
   38.  Respect life conference focuses on end-of-life care
   39.  HHS to stop using fresh aborted baby tissue for research
   40.  Ritiri spirituali AMCI 2018
   41.  Respectons la dignité de la procréation !
   42.  Alle origini della Bioetica
   43.  Catholic Medical Conference begins in Dallas
   44.  Fides et Ratio, 20 years (++ languages)
   45.  Food Safety and Healthy Diets
   46.  Medicina del siglo XXI y el desafío de la dignidad humana
   47.  AB Gallagher: Declaration of Human Rights 70 years on
   48.  Pope Francis: do not be deaf or silent in the face of suffering
   49.  CICIAMS XX World Congress
   50.  Médicos Católicos, con el nuevo nuncio en Argentina
   51.  CMA-USA about Clergy Abuses
   52.  5 years later: What Pope Francis said to MCI-FIAMC
   53.  Declaration on Sexual Ethics (1975)
   54.  Invisible Holocaust
   55.  Pope Francis on World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation 2018
   56.  Immoral medical actions
   57.  Africa: Dr Walley´s personal Memoir
   58.  Catholic Medical Students: Novena for the Church
   59.  The New Charter for Health Care Workers (on line)
   60.  La smemoratezza di una rivista medica (The Lancet)
   61.  Request for Sponsorship of Medical Students
   62.  A response to Mifepristone coverage
   63.  Kerala Flood Relief
   64.  Homosexuality and Sexual Abuse
   65.  Letter of His Holiness to the People of God (++ languages)
   66.  Attacking conscientious objection
   67.  Sexual abuse – A view
   68.  The Eucharist in John
   69.  “Medicina y dignidad humana”: V Congreso de FAMCLAM
   70.  Canada’s National Consultation on a Palliative Care
   71.  Congo-Ebola : L’Eglise catholique suspend l’échange du signe de paix dans le diocèse…
   72.  On “medical” abortion
   73.  CMA-USA condemns the FDA use of aborted babies
   74.  El rechazo al proyecto de aborto en Argentina es un aliento para Latinoamérica
   75.  Christ suffers with us
   76.  The Pulse Magazine Summer 2018 Issue
   77.  Catholic National Health Conference (India)
   78.  CMA-USA Student Section
   79.  To remove artificial feeding and hydration from patients?
   80.  Los que estamos a favor de las dos vidas…
   81.  Struggle against AIDS is not over
   82.  A question of conscience
   83.  World day against human trafficking (July 30)
   84.  Humanae vitae, 50 Jahre danach
   85.  Saint Pantaleon
   86.  Card Gracias on Humanae vitae
   87.  Médico y político provida inicia camino a los altares
   88.  Marking the 50th Anniversary of Humanae vitae
   89.  In honor of the 50th Anniversary
   90.  FEAMC Exco Program in Lviv (October, 2018)
   91.  L´Humanae vitae difesa da Max Horkheimer
   92.  Attualità dell´enciclica Humanae vitae alla luce della Laudato sì
   93.  A short piece commemorating the anniversary of Humanae vitae
   94.  Les 50 ans d´un document prophétique
   95.  Humanae vitae Declaration: an invitation to physicians
   96.  Hogar del abrazo maternal
   97.  The cost of contraception and the joy of the Gospel of life
   98.  50 años de Humanae vitae
   99.  Reflections on the human being in the face of techno-science domination
   100.  President Bernard Ars´ first Address

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