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   1.  To the World Medical Association
   2.  Dave McCann Scholarship
   3.  CMA & FIAMC Pilgrimage to the Vatican & Italy
   4.  Barcelona: Morir dignamente en el siglo XXI
   5.  Revue “Médecine de l’Homme”
   6.  On the World Medical Association
   7.  News World Day of the Sick 2019
   8.  Forthcoming Events 2019 CMA- UK
   9.  CMA- USA announces new President
   10.  Societal Change? A great loneliness
   11.  Card Turkson for World Day of the Sick 2019
   12.  World Day of the Sick 2019
   13.  The Message of our Lady of Lourdes
   14.  CMA-USA condems new abortion laws
   15.  President Ars to India for World Day of the Sick 2019
   16.  New Website Integral Dicastery
   17.  Nuovo sito Dicastero Integrale
   18.  On Robotization of Life
   19.  Dr Kearney, CMA-UK President, says the Royal College of Physicians is organizing a “sham” survey
   20.  Llamamiento sobre la Asociación Médica Mundial
   21.  In the name of God who has created all human beings
   22.  Pope Francis to Italian Pro-Lifers
   23.  Su rostro
   24.  Card Turkson on leprosy (2019)
   25.  Médicos Católicos de Barcelona: Morir dignamente en el siglo XXI
   26.  American pilgrimage for the Consecration 2019
   27.  Card. Menichelli ai Medici Cattolici
   28.  MaterCare for World Day of the Sick 2019
   29.  2nd FIAMC Young Catholic Doctors Meeting in Panama
   30.  « Keys to bioethics », la bioéthique dans une application
   31.  CMA-USA: March for Life 2019
   32.  UK: Forthcoming Events 2019
   33.  II Encuentro de Médicos Jóvenes Católicos de la FIAMC.
   34.  Week-end médecins – France : “Libre ?”
   35.  Marcia per la vita: Comunicato Stampa
   36.  An example of retreat for doctors
   37.  Marihuana: Los médicos católicos apelamos a la responsabilidad
   38.  Pope Francis to Academy for Life
   39.  The Pennsylvania Grand-Jury Report…
   40.  MEDCON 2019: The Joy of Medicine
   41.  Papal message for world day of the sick 2019 (languages +++)
   42.  St André Bessette cured 10,000 people!
   43.  Epiphany 2011/2019
   44.  La guarigione spettacolare di Pieter de Rudder
   45.  FIAMC Young Doctors – Panama 2019 – Program Announcement
   46.  I Re Magi
   47.  Question on the liceity of a hysterectomy in certain cases
   48.  Alle origini della bioetica
   49.  El problema de la gestación subrogada
   50.  Su suicidio e suicidio assistito
   51.  Santo Padre a Direttore Vian
   52.  Christmas, Natale, Noël by Fr Suaudeau
   53.  Baby Body Parts from Abortions for Research, “Deeply Disturbing”
   54.  Stop abortion bill in Poland
   55.  Adicción al sexo
   57.  Agua, agricultura y alimentación
   58.  FIAMC Young Catholic Doctors International Meeting in Panama
   59.  FIAMC Young Catholic Doctors on Facebook
   60.  To strengthen the EU cooperation on vaccine-preventable diseases
   61.  Consecration of all Catholic Physicians to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
   63.  World’s first genetically modified babies may have been born in China
   64.  Happy Advent!
   65.  FIAMC Exco meeting, Rome, November 2018
   66.  Introducción a las enfermedades raras
   67.  India has the double burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases
   68.  President Ars gives advice to youth considering the profession
   69.  FIAMC Statement on Life issues
   70.  Pope Francis on Drugs & Addictions / Papa su Droghe e Dipendenze
   71.  Antibióticos y responsabilidad
   72.  Card. Parolin su Droghe e Dipendenze
   73.  AAA medici cattolici eroi cercansi
   74.  Ser médico católico exige hoy heroísmo
   75.  El Consorcio en referencia a la ley de profesionales sanitarios de Buenos Aires
   76.  Response to Macron Movement
   77.  Convegno in Vaticano sulle droghe e le nuove dipendenze
   78.  Droghe e dipendenze; Drugs and addictions (Vatican City)
   79.  Irish Catholic Doctors Learning Network: Annual Conference
   80.  Canadian Conference 2019
   81.  CMA 2019 Annual Educational Conference
   82.  MaterCare´s Rome Conference 2019
   83.  Enfermedades raras: del museo a la actualidad
   84.  Messaggio alla Giornata “Infancia y Enfermedades Raras (Barcelona)
   85.  Limiting the Emergence and Spread of Antimicrobial Resistance
   86.  On porn
   87.  « Nous, médecins, avons toujours l’Espérance à rendre présente »
   88.  Of all human diseases, 60% originate in animals
   89.  El pobre gritó y el Señor lo escuchó
   90.  AMA Wrestles with Physician-Assisted Suicide Stance
   91.  Pope Francis: science provides the ‘charity of knowledge’
   92.  Sobre la castidad
   93.  Providing Expanded Moral and Religious Exemptions to HHS Mandate
   94.  El Dr. Marià Mullerat, mártir por su Fé
   95.  Adolescencia y Adicciones: Una mirada desde la bioética
   96.  12 raisons de dire non à l’euthanasie
   97.  The Pulse Magazine Fall/Winter 2018
   98.  Past President Walter Osswald: 90 Years!
   99.  Faithful to God´s Design
   100.  La eutanasia mata

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