I have pleasure in sending you the FIRST ANNOUNCEMENT of the 17th AFCMA Congress 2020 which will be held in Malaysia from Thursday 29 Oct 2020 to 1st Nov 2020

Please keep these dates free in your calender and come to visit our beautiful country with your spouses. Take a break from your busy schedule and take a short holiday.

Do come and join us  in the Scientific Program and share your expertise with us besides enjoying our different types of food and sunshine (we have only summer whole year round).

Please look at our AFCMA website WWW.AFCMA2020.COM for full details regarding the 17th AFCMA Congress.We hope that some of you will come especially those who have not been to Malaysia before so that we can welcome you and show you our Malaysian hospitality.

Thank you and God Bless!

In Jesus,

Dr. Freddie Loh

Organising Chairman,17th AFCMA Congress 2020 Malaysia.



Bioethical issues

  • Abortion, contraception, artificial contraception
  • Stem cell and medical research
  • Euthanasia, end-of-life decisions
  • Church teachings and scientific medical progress

 Spirituality for health carers

  • Theology of the body
  • Church teaching on climate change
  • Human sexuality, same sex attraction
  • Spiritual counseling
  • Forgiveness and healing

Building bridges

  • Who are the least of my brothers?
  • Practicing and sharing Christian values in a non-Christian working environment
  • Engaging and collaborating with non-Christian Healthcare advocates