As our President, Dr. Bernard Ars, has announced in his first address to all the members of Catholic Medical Associations throughout the world, he has asked the Holy Father for the consecration of all Catholic Physicians to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, in order to be “missionaries of respect for the dignity of human life, as well as the development of the person, free and responsible, creative, and open to transcendence, to the Heart of Jesus and also to his fellow human beings, especially the poorest and most fragile”. In this way “we will testify to the profound hope that the joy of the Gospel is a reality”

We invite all Catholic Medical Associations all over the world to send a considerable delegation of their members to this unique event. This consecration to the Sacred Heard of our Lord will certainly bear fruit for our mission as Catholic Physicians and for our Medical Associations.

We kindly inform you that registration will remain open until May 30, 2019, or until maximum capacity is reached.

We therefore, respectfully advise that you fill in each section of the Registration Form and return the completed form as soon as possible to the FIAMC Secretariat: e-mail:


June 21- 22, 2019 Registration Form

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Profession / Specialty___________________________________________________

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Languages spoken_______________________________________________________

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For spiritual needs, please, contact our spiritual assistant Fr. Jacques Suaudeau

Please, see regularly the FIAMC website to see the venue and the timetable, that will depend on the number of registered people. You can find some recommended logging places here: