Are Men an Endangered Species?

Women think men have lost their masculinity. They may not  realize that femalehormones may be responsible.

Edith Breburda DVM, PhD
The male hormone is testosterone. In a misguided quest for elevated levels of virility, some men even consider dosing themselves with added testosterone. Yet even the most manly man should hesitate to do so in light of the man body’s ability to convert testosterone into estrogen, thus unleashing the anabolic effect.
Therefore the claim that Eve was created from Adam appears justified on a hormonal level. Nevertheless, too much estrogen poses health risks, especially to newborns and fetuses. Chemicals mimic hormones, which are very similar to estrogen. It is becoming more and more evident that Xenohormones disrupt the endocrine system. Some enter the water supply when human contraceptives pass through the sewage system and water treatment plants.
The most powerful phytoestrogen plants are hop or soybeans. The endocrine disrupting properties of Xenohormones don’t only affect animals. In humans too they can lead to reproductive disorders, increasing infertility, breast  cancer, low sperm counts, and early menstruation. Moreover, heart disease, obesity, memory loss, and diabetes are linked to them. These estrogen-like molecules, which create an imbalance with the body’s hormones, are also present in environmental compounds.
Bisphenol A, a polycarbonate plastic monomer is a xenoestrogenic substance. It is widely used in industry, dentistry, food cans, pesticides, beauty- and personal care products. It also causes changes to the brain and has high rates of feminizing men.
Most recently scientists discovered masses of floating plastic particles in the Great Lakes. Beforehand they where only seen in the world’s oceans. Some particles are so small that they are only visible through a microscope. It is unclear whether fish are eating the particles, scientists say.
It is not uncommon to hear reports of how animals suffer from our pollution. “The Guardian” reported on March 8, 2013, that a sperm whale stranded on the southern coast of Spain had ingested 17 Kg of plastic waste. Free roaming cattle in India swallow plastic bags, causing congestion in the rumen (stomach). Up to 65 kg of plastic waste has been found in cows during surgeries, to remove the load.
Small plastic residues may even enter the human food chain. Studies in U.K. report that one-third of fish have ingested plastic. Consequently we may be eating plastic with our fish fry’s.
Yet plastic products release Xenoestrogenes in the form of  BPA. In 2003 male smallmouth bass in the Potomac watershed near Washington were transformed into intersex fish. In more recent times scientist discovered that 80 percent of fish develop egg cells. Male frogs, salamanders and other amphibians transform under the influence of BPA and possess female organs. The estrogenic potency of BPA has altered tadpoles to become females and thus influenced their sexual development. The observed effects in the animal kingdom are expected in humans as well, since the basic endocrine mechanism is observed across all classes of vertebrates. Endocrine disruptors also affect humans. “They are present everywhere”, says Nicholas D. Kristof, in a May 2, 2012, New York Times column, “How Chemicals Affect Us”. These chemicals are in thermal receipts that come out of gas pumps and A.T.M’s, in canned food, microwave popcorn bags and carpet-cleaning solutions. They are found in the urine, human breast milk and in cord blood of newborn babies.
Pregnant women who have higher levels of BPA are three times more likely to have obese daughters, says Kristof. The Food and Drug Administration believes low levels of BPA exposure are safe. But it may affect fetal brain development. Joe Braun, from the Harvard School of Public Health, observed pregnant women with high BPA levels in their urine. Their daughters showed anxiety and depression. “The effect was more striking in girls than in boys, which hints at differences in the hormonal factors that may regulate development of executive and behavioral activities of the brain”, said Braun.
Dr. Theo Colborn explains in her book “Our Stolen Future” that some chemicals are impeding normal brain development, with grater impact on males. She mentioned attention deficit disorder and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as two to four times more prevalent in boys. She attributes to BPA that fact that currently women account for 65% of enrolled college students.
Dr. vom Saal, a University of Missouri Professor proposed that BPA inhibits testosterone production that may cause irregular genital and brain development. “Too much estrogen and too little testosterone and thyroid hormone is making a mess of sexual development in males,” he writes, drawing attention to geographic locations and health issues in males, like low sperm counts.
In December 2008, Canada’s national newspaper the Globe referred to a study conducted from 1983 to 2005, indicating that 54 percent of Canadian males, ages 20-44 developed testicular cancer. In the past two decades, the levels of testosterone in US males have declined 20 percent, accompanied by lower fertility and virility, which includes the shrinking size of male gonads.
Scientists believe that something is going on in men and boys. It was observed that fewer boys are being born. Dr. Devra Davis of the University of Pittsburgh said, “The combined figures for U.S. and Japan is a staggering tally of 262,000 ‘missing boys’ from 1970 to about 2000.”
Especially areas surrounded by petrochemical plants show a low male birthrate. Moreover, 60 percent of these boys have a disfiguring urinary defect, called hypospadiasis.
Scientists are concerned for the male population. BPA remains to act as a female hormone and will continue to feminize the male species.
Excerpt taken from the soon to be published book “Globale Chemisierung” (Global influence of chemical pollution) by Edith Breburda

Other books from the  Author are: “Promises of New Biotechnologies, Preface:

William E. May.
Disclaimer: this is does not necessarily represent the position of FIAMC and is purely the scientific opinion of the author


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    ENVIRONMENTALLY CLASSIFIED PHARMACEUTICALS – Janusinfo…/miljo_broschyr_eng2010.p... – Diese Seite übersetzen
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    EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) is supporting EU Commission in “endocrine disruptors” topics

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    Stop the global threat – ban all Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals EDCs especially ban as top priority one of the largest Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals – the contraceptive pill EE2- Ethinyl Estradiol EE2 and ban Hormone Replacement Therapy (menopausal therapy), EE2,for the health and survival of humans, wildlife, fish and the environment, using the precautionary principle, if suspected risk of causing significant harm it should be prohibited. There is a social responsibility to protect the public from exposure to harm. Ancient medical Principle ‘ first do no harm’. Imperative Duty of Care. Decision- making is mindful of irreversibility of possible future consequences so need to act now. The International Agency for Research on Cancer – the cancer research agency of the World Health Organisation reclassified the combined oestrogen and progesterone contraceptive pill and menopausal therapy as carcinogenic to humans the same group one level as asbestos and tobacco -IARC press release 167, 2005. See One of the ways the contraceptive pill works is as an abortifacient -see Dr Kahlenborn ‘ Time to Ban Cancer Drug ‘ article by Kate Sikora – The Daily Telegraph p13, 2nd June, 2008 -CEO Cancer Council Dr Andrew Penman urging Australian government to ban Hormone Replacement Therapy HRT-menopausal therapy EE2 as Australian research showed that cancer rates reduced with a reduction in use of HRT EE2- he said risks ‘outweigh the benefits’. More than100 million women worldwide are using the contraceptive pill- with the active ingredient being Ethinyl Estradiol EE2. This is going out via effluent into the waterways of the world damaging the aquatic environment and wildlife. Research has shown that it is causing hermaphrodite fish i.e. male fish are producing immature female eggs that cannot reproduce. Research has shown that shown that EE2 from the contraceptive pill is responsible. See ‘Hidden Costs of Flexible Fertility – urgent public debate needed over a European proposal to regulate environmental levels of the active ingredient in birth control pills ‘ by Richard Owen and Susan Jobling -chair in Environmental toxicology – Brunel University UK, 24th of May 2012, Vol 485, Nature (journal) p441. Granular activated carbon if used in future at water treatment works would only reduce level of EDC -EE2-to try to reduce loss of fish populations affected by EE2 in the effluent, but need to completely ban Ethinyl Estradiol EE2 (ban contraceptive pill & HRT ), as research shows that even low levels of EDC EE2 can disrupt the endocrine systems of humans and can accumulate causing diseases and infertility etc and can bio- accumulate in wildlife and the environment. At present only water board , governments , and pharmaceutical industry are discussing ways to reduce EE2. The European Commission is intending to set a global precedent by regulating EE2 by 2021. The public should be consulted. There has been no regulation of Pharmaceuticals and other EDCs in our drinking water etc (no regulatory level ), yet the major cities of the world are drinking recycled reclaimed water and use recycled reclaimed water for watering food crops etc. There should be zero tolerance of all EDCs & EE2 as even a small level can cause endocrine disruption to humans & wildlife & also from accumulation effects over time. The public should not wear this cost. The pharmaceutical industry has a duty of care to produce a safe product – if later on it is found to be harmful & toxic -the pharmaceutical companies must pay for the clean up of the environmental pollution eg cost of the granular activated carbon – water upgrade worldwide and should contribute to the health care costs from causing cancers etc by contributing eg to the cancer care at oncology wards of hospitals around the world. This approach is carried out by some big cigarette companies in USA for some contribution to cancer oncology ward costs in some hospitals. Western World is dying birth rates are below replacement level. Be open to life. Children are blessings. ‘ A Nation which murders , (or blocks ), its own children is a nation without a future ‘ John Paul II. Natural Family Planning for grave reasons ( World Organisation of the Ovulation Method Billings ), and saliva ovulation tester. Ban the contraceptive pill EE2-a major endocrine disrupting chemical. Ban menopausal therapy (Hormone Replacement Therapy)-HRT as contains EDC/EE2 too. Use natural alternatives natural herbal relief such as Meno-Eze or Remifemin etc. Drs specialising in Environmental medicine can assist. Need to ban the pill and HRT & all other EDCs. Contact Dr Angela Lan Franchi , Director of the Breast Cancer Prevention Institute USA Also see The National Post , May 22nd, 2007- ‘ Estrogen makes fish too feminine to reproduce’ by Tom Spears. See research by fish scientist Karen Kidd, 2007- Bacteria and sunlight can break down Estrogen article says if no more pollution, so have to stop polluting with synthetic Estrogen. Must ban the contraceptive pill and HRT – EE2. Stop poisoning all in the community worldwide -women,men, children, babies – newborn, preborn , directly or indirectly via contaminated waterways and via the food chain and through the placenta. See ‘ Household chemicals poison us every day ‘ article in the Advertiser, 21/2/2013, p4, by Sue Dunlevy. ‘Chemicals in everyday foods, cosmetics, home wares, plastics, pesticides, and medicines have been linked to cancer, birth defects, infertility, autism, etc.’ The speed of increase of the disease incidence in last decades rules out genetic factors as sole plausible explanations. Report says ‘ governments should ban more of the chemicals to reduce human exposure to them’. WHO/Children’s Environmental Health State of the Science of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals – 2012 see and see Summary for decision makers – 19th of February, 2013 see Also see UN, WHO panel calls hormone disrupting chemicals a global threat that needs addressing 16 scientists,10 nations- EDCs are causing endocrine related diseases and disorders and they are increasing – affecting thyroid, brain, metabolism, pregnancy complications, certain cancers, obesity and brain development.’ Countries should ban these chemicals to reduce exposure early, it is unacceptable to load up the next generations with these toxic chemicals in an unregulated manner’. In February 2013 the European Union banned chemical personal care products and recommended to use natural personal care products instead. In May 2013 the EU has banned pesticides as they are EDCs. ( 50% of bees are dying due to pesticides – need bees for pollination of food crops. ‘ If bees die, all humans will die in 4years’ Albert Einstein said. See See Worldwide petitions to governments needed to ban all endocrine disrupting chemicals. All countries of the world should also ban all chemical personal care products and pesticides and all other endocrine disrupting chemicals plastics etc including the biggest polluter the contraceptive pill EE2 & also HRT. Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals EDCs are reducing male fertility at an alarming rate. See Men in Danger – Environmental Effects on Fertility by Luc Martin – Gousset – Best Current Affairs Program, Prix Europa 2008 Sperm production in humans has reduced dramatically by 50% in 50years. Need to ban all Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals EDCs including the contraceptive pill & HRT – EE2. See ‘ Widespread male infertility sweeping the globe ‘by Ethan A Huff – Truth publishing – Recent research that men in the Western World are becoming infertile- average sperm counts have dropped to half of what they were 50 years ago. See 200 chemicals found in the cord blood of babies tested right after birth – see brochure to reduce fetal exposure to harmful EDCs for women to avoid when pregnant. See We need protection of the embryo too from EDCs by banning all EDCs. There is urgency in banning all EDCs starting with the largest the contraceptive pill EE2 and HRT-EE2- for the sake of public health , the future generations, and ultimate survival of the human race and to save the future food crops via bee pollination & to save the fish & other wildlife & the environment. Needs transparency & urgent action to ban all EDCs especially the potent & the most prescribed EE2 the contraceptive pill .The medical professions should spear head this worldwide petition. Delay or neglect or omission are potentially fatal. This is a moral imperative & duty of care to act now to ban these dangerous EDCs.

  16. Sally says:

    See 12 steps to Reducing Fetal Exposures brochure – Environment & Human Health Inc. (EHHI) – to reduce fetal exposure to these harmful endocrine disrupting chemicals for women to try to avoid when pregnant- see Clinical Professor of Paediatrics Yale University School of Medicine & Professor of Obstetrics, Gynaecology & Reproductive Sciences, Chief of Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility, Yale University School of Medicine etc. Only real lasting solution is to ban all Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals EDCs urgently !

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