What does climate change mean?

By Anne Lastman.

I have recently spent some time musing and thinking not about post abortion grief, as is my usual want, but what set me on this path was watching the news one evening and seeing young school people hot and bothered and missing school to protest about damage to planet, climate change, global warming etc. and I thought “where are they getting their information from?  Who is feeding these young adults fear engendering information? Who is behind all this climate change and what is their end game?”

Who are these fear mongers who make a living trying to persuade the rest of humanity that the planet earth is about to tilt an extra 23.5degs and thus make the tilt double resulting in all falling deeply into the oceans.

And so I began on this thing called musing, muttering, one could even say talking to myself.

Why so much talk about “the weather” global warming and climate change?  What has changed?

Well the weather has always been with us since the very beginning. There’s been heat, rain, freezing, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, etc. the weather is. It simply is.  It’s part of this planet’s constitution, Earth. Without the weather with all its vagaries this planet would be another Mars, lifeless. Unless we believe the TV series My Favourite Martian. 

The so called affected environment has little to do with the weather. It has to do with the human’s irresponsibility. The weather simply is.  The environment is our habitat. What and where we live. Our surrounds, cities, forests, urban living, desert living. Our environment is and yes it does get affected by weather but there is good reason for this. 

The cities which have developed and grown over millennia, and these cities, how are they structured?  Well slowly at first and with modernisation more sophisticated methods.

Our cities today are designed by planners, architects, engineers, builders, who conceived of buildings and lights and a kind of community living by the periphery of water and close compacted living and the idea of roads. Beautiful safe, ease to travel roads.   And what are the roads made of? Black tar! Black tar for kilometres/miles ad infinitum. Every country whether rich or not so rich or desperately poor has roads built. More black tar. The sun pounding on black tar? Hot.

Electrical activity.   Buildings. So many skyscrapers surrounded by glass and tar. Buildings boasting hundreds of metres tall.  The tallest to date being Burj Khalifa (Dubai) with its 163 floors and 830 metres tall and many many others, competing for acclaim now and those in the future which will be bigger and shinier than this one and these of today.

And what have all the tall buildings down to the small offices, homes, and other buildings which make up the city have huge amounts of?  Glass. Beautiful clear glass which acts both as protection against “the weather” and displaying our beauty. Glass. The sun pelting down on glass?  Hot. The sun hasn’t changed as far as we know and we can imagine the sun daily hitting on all that glass in all the cities around the globe, and all that black tar… Hot.

And perhaps in our galloping towards civilisation and technology and glitz, what we have destroyed (to make way for civilised ideas and more sophisticated infrastructure) too many of its trees and forests and greenery have been demolished thus removing the natural cooler of human, and yes these we have a need to replenish.   Trees which keep cool our “dome.” Trees which we need to keep our air clean and our habitat so primed for us. They absorb potentially harmful gasses and return to us oxygen. Our life blood. Without which the human could not survive. Very very important to us creatures and to all living creatures. Yes trees and greenery and of so beautiful ferns and flowers. These we need to replenish as one is cut down or pulled out two more replanted.  

Humanity/society wants the convenience of roads, to travel with ease and speed, and tall buildings to display both wealth and beauty and convenience. To fly at great speeds. We have natural polluting disasters (volcanoes) but to say that the weather has changed and we are responsible is a con. Is alarmist and there must be a money trail behind it. The weather cannot change it has always been and will always be.

Plant more trees, find ways to water the deserts and grow more trees.  Yes, but we need to keep in mind that we cannot change the “weather” The weather is.  We cannot change the “climate” because that’s another word for behaviours of weather and weather is. 

So with these few ideas without technical or scientific palaver it becomes easy to see that indeed it might have become 4 degrees warmer than our earliest ancestors experienced, those who inhabited this planet but who were happy to live in manmade little domains which blended in with their surrounds. No tar or glass or vehicle fumes for them.

Progressive civilisation has brought with it building of infrastructure more sophisticated with each new generation and with each new government.  

Climate is what we know as weather patterns and I suppose what can be measured and has been measured for a very short time and the patterns show the cycles of heat, drought, wet, floods,  dry, drought followed by wet, flooding and of course the in between. Even at times strange weather patter patterns (El niñó) just to show us who is in control. 

Australia because of its location (southern hemisphere) is unfortunately recipient of more droughts and heat and when it floods indeed it does flood and the droughts are ferocious.

Why more droughts in southern hemisphere because it’s closer to the sun

Has the weather changed, warmed? Yes by about 4degs (some clever person said this and I’m repeating it) but this is not because the world or this planet is warming or changing or awaiting Armageddon but because we’ve learned how much we like to live with comfort and even this has not caused calamitous variance in our weather or global warming and the need for the murder of millions upon millions of little human beings because the planet is struggling with the weight. 

 It’s not struggling though some politicians would have us believe that eliminating children especially those of poorer nations through abortion (of course) and even subsidised by taxpayers will, according to this famous or infamous politician, stop the planet from imploding. “the planet cannot sustain this” said some nameless young pro-abortion  female who herself has been permitted to live and not aborted, an audience member to the politician’s speech, and the answer to this dilemma (according to her and him) is to force abortion on poor uneducated women in poor countries who (according to her) don’t want too many babies anyway, and yet, our planet Earth has all it needs, is tilted to the exact degree in order to sustain all life and  keep the created order in comfort for eternity, unless of course eternity comes first. 

Should we clean our waterways? Keep our oceans pristine? Stop polluting our precious waters? Absolutely. Stop females urinating down the waterworks all their contracepting hormones which affect our marine life and eventually us?   Should we use natural resources absolutely or should we believe as suggested, that we will run out of them? Absolutely use our given resources there are tons and tons more. We can’t run out of them.

Should we replant every tree cut down? Absolutely plant two. We’ve learnt how to land on other planets it should be a piece of cake to plant a forest in the deserts, find ways of watering the plants. We have precedent, The Oasis. Fresh, lush, green, water.   And then after greening watch the rains come and make it arable land suitable for planting crops to feed humanity so no one needs to starve. But for this we need willing governments.

 We don’t need to “land on the moon” human beings have had a planet specifically created for them. What is it that we are trying to prove?  Who has more money to squander?

Should we take care of our common “Home?” first? (HH Pope Francis Laudato Si) absolutely, but not with lies told by climate change protagonists whose aim is  the killing of millions upon millions of humanity (abortion) just so that some despots can have it all in comfort.  We remember that behind every lie there is a money trail. Behind every lie there is an imprint of fear. Behind every lie there is a death of some kind. 

This is not a scientific paper  but the ruminations of a ruminating female who loves the plants, flowers, waters, sunshine, trees and even roads, houses, life and things which make life great and beautiful and easier than it used to be. Indeed I leave the scientific discussions to those who know them and know how to explain them and really believe them. I’m happier with my ideas.  

The answer to the end game question?  Fear, lucre and population control by despots.

Long ago I heard a song with the line “tell me that you’ll open your eyes” I am reminded of this line.