Anne Lastman.

The challenge to long held social norms has been multi-pronged. Movements of the 1960’s like “pro-choice” “women’s rights” feminism began a pervasive change in society which has altered our understandings and beliefs. Movements which sadly were engineered by the feminist movement and meant to change the nature of woman.

Within these changes we have the abortion demand movement which began in UK ((1967) and spread across Europe, in USA (1973) Canada (1969) and Australia is slowly marching towards to all states legalisation to full term, and globally the panorama looks no different especially where loud voices are calling for nations which would never contemplated abortion and women of those nations horrified at the thought of killing their children are now being encouraged to do so.

In a society which endures ongoing civil wars, the rising of militant Islam, the change in society because of fear of this new radical threat especially since the infamous September 11th, we live in a world changed beyond recognition.  Beyond the design and peace envisaged by the Creator.

Religion of early humanity was a way of explanation of natural phenomena but as science grew and determinedly has attempted to explain the previous questions, so religion has waned.  

Philosopher Julius Baggini has attributed the decline in moral standards within society paralleling the decline in respect for and adherence to the sacred, that is, moral distancing and respectful authority of the Church.

Modern migration, similar to migrations of 10,000 years ago when tribes began the movement from stationary community to migrant society, has further contributed to breakdown of stability previously known by man.

The phenomena of 2-3 or even 4 generations living in close proximity to one another and being each other’s keeper began to change.

Mid-20th century we again see a migration taking place. Post war society set out on different journeys leaving behind families and previous knowns and looking towards some better or even unknown future. Post WWII, Korean war, Vietnam war, ongoing Middle Eastern wars introduced instability and the felt need for change just like those of 10 millennia ago.

In this I am reminded of the necessity for counsellors, psychologists , psychiatrists, social workers, that is, professionals to be the ears of the community because of the loss of what used to be community and the ears which listened to and helped those in need. The professionals needed today listen to and do the work of the “village” because the village has gone.

The exacerbation of the diaspora also has meant breakdown of family understanding and childcare rearing and care. Indeed in this milieu both family and especially children have been the collateral damage of a society wandering aimlessly, without past norms for guidance and yet no new ones on which to pin one’s life and beliefs upon. The child has become the convenient or non-convenient accessory with single parent households almost equal to two parent households, or the norm. A further estrangement from the stabilising community.

Divorce is no longer an aberration but a normal part of life and society. Abortion, normal part of society, same sex marriage a normal part of society, euthanasia normal part of society, gender fluidity in its embryonic stage of development as another normal part of society, gender dysphoria being normalised and of course infanticide (late term abortion and after birth abandonment of  an infant surviving of abortion a normal part of society…

In an era of such galloping “progress”, life has finally become the most disposable commodity and in a world where previously humans formed bulwarks for the protection of all within that community, our day has instead removed the ramparts and permitted malignance to invade the inviolable, the human.

The human is a social creature whose need for company corresponds to good health and wellbeing has meant that the societal changes from community to isolation has brought with it a loss of imprinted safeguards and a loss, together with a loss of vision for the future, and brought with it the possibility of an image beyond what we now know as human.  

Of interconnectedness, of great ontological loneliness, from which comes the loss of or even forgetting of one’s own sense of grandeur which they have been created with.  An individual’s sense and belief of self-worth not as a great piece of divine art made up of approximately 40-100 trillion cells with a place and part to play in the great universe to but as a consumer, disposable.

The term “global village” sounds terrific to modern minds but on closer inspection whilst it’s called village the reality is that it’s an abyss of loneliness. An absence of another heart to answer the call of one’s own heart. This, in my opinion, has been the stimulant to fuel the destruction of billions conceived babies.  The ontological loneliness and fear of not really belonging anywhere. Alone in such a huge universe.

In the words of one of India’s inspirational figures, Mahatma Ghandi, “you must not lose faith in humanity.  Humanity is an ocean: if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty.”

But today both the ocean and the ground have become dirty and crying out in anguish because of the flood of blood which has visited it through the death of billions of babies. Ghandi further said “if you want real peace in the world start with children” It is the children who bring peace because they have come to bring the future. A future which means that humanity continues and is “very good”  These words of Ghandi are further important because of the intentional death of the bewildering, eye watering, incalculable number of children has shown that we have not wanted peace. We have chosen war instead.

Loss of faith and modern science have called for and developed the instrumentation and darkened consciences so it could become possible for the disposal of in utero children, even in some cases to the forgetting of the physician’s pledge which is the dedication to the humanitarian goals of medicine, beginning with the medical crimes of WWII and continuing with the modern day mass destruction of human life and this with medical compliance in order to maintain certification. A far cry from the Hippocratic Oath and the Geneva Declaration (Physician’s Pledge last revised 2017).

Further, this mass destruction of infant life and the societal deadening of conscience has led to the shifting moral parameters the most recent being the aberration of the Gene editing experiment. An experiment where genetic engineering is carried out where a flaw is believed to exist and the possibility of altering the gene so as to remove the flaw and thus change the design of that new creation. Man again attempting to dethrone God.

Millions upon millions dollars spent to do these experiments whilst a Syrian young mother set herself and her three children on fire because she could not find food some days and the extreme hunger which came with this lack of food.

Whilst “good” is offered as the reason for this and other medical experiments, it’s possible to see that in the hands of human there is always a deep desire to be like God.  Gene editing is a further attempt at self-deification.

Finally, it’s possible to see that the “global Village” concept has not improved the life of human beings but rather isolated them from each other with no longer the protection and safety of  real community made up of human people and not technology, even though a caricature of a new “community” has emerged. An invisible community. A community of strangers. Computers, the World Wide Web, emails, internet, laptops, and iPad have now completed the isolation. This new community likes anonymity.

Children who have survived in utero death, are now slowly being lost via loss of human interaction, companionship, play, laughter, and these lost to artificial and alien companions.

Life lived dependent upon unseen “friends”. Life lived not learning about sunshine and love and play  but lived alone with a piece of cold technology for companionship.