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Pastoral Guidance on the COMPASSIONATE USE OF CANNABIS SOME of our Catholic faithful have come to us their bishops to seek moral guidance on the so called “compassionate use of cannabis or marijuana”. In the spirit of pastoral concern, we respond gladly to the expressed

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We are called to enter into eternal life

22 October 1996 To the members of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences With great pleasure I address cordial greetings to you, Mr. President, and to all of you who constitute the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, on the occasion of you plenary assembly. I offer my

A bond of love and security between mother and child

12 May 1995 To the members of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences On Friday, 12 May, the Holy Father met the participants in a study session on breast-feeding, science and society organized by the Pontifical Academy of Sciences and The Royal Society [of Great Britain].

Spiritual heritage of humanity should accompany and control scientific research

3 October 1981 To the members of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences Mr. President, Members of the Academy, Ladies and Gentlemen, 1.The programme of work which your President has presented, and with which I was already acquainted before this meeting, demonstrates the great vitality of

Hippocratic legacy is enriched by christian faith

25 November 1995 To the X International Conference of the Pontifical Council for Pastoral Assistance to Health Care Workers "From Hippocrates to the Good Samaritan, from conscience guided by reason to reason enlightened by faith, the proclamation of the Gospel of life must be one

See life as a gift coming from god

25 November 2001 To Mr Michel Camdessus, President of the Social Weeks of France 1. “Biology, Medicine and Society, What Will We Do With Man?” is the theme you chose for the meeting of the Social Weeks of France this year, held in Paris from


Bref résumé issu de la lecture des textes pontificaux, des bulletins associatifs, et de 20 années au Comité Exécutif de la FIAMC. Dr François Blin, Président de la FEAMC, ancien Secrétaire Général de la FIAMC C'est sous l'impulsion du Pape Léon XIII (1878-1903) - auteur

NOTRE REGARD SUR LA FIN DE VIE Bioéthique - 22 janvier 2014 Notre regard sur la fin de vie revenir au sommaire En lien avec la déclaration du Conseil permanent du 16 janvier 2014, le Conseil Famille et Société a publié le 17 janvier 2014, une réflexion sur la fin de



 Osservatore Romano Pie XII et la Santé 1939-58 extrait de 1944 • 12 novembre: Discours aux membres de l'Union Médico-Biologique Saint-Luc d'Italie 1945 • 30 janvier: Allocution à un groupe de Médecins spécialistes • 13 février: Allocution à un groupe de Médecins chirurgiens 1947

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