Thank you, Kay Newbold

May 8, 2019

For over 15 years, Kay Newbold has been a dedicated and valued supporter. Whenever possible, Kay has distributed materials for us, organized parish events, been a point of contact for presentations, and been a vocal supporter of MaterCare within the Catholic Women’s League (CWL). Her love of her own family shows why it is not surprising that she holds MaterCare dear to her heart, she is there every year at the CWL convention both at the Diocese and at the Provincial where she rents a table and has a display of MaterCare, each time she gets creative in her displays to maximize the impact. It is due to her that many of the Parishes in Toronto got to know of MaterCare, as she has given many presentations there along with our Executive Director and our Project Manager.

We share this story with deepest gratitude and thanks to Kay and the CWL for their support!

Below is Kay and her wonderful presentation on MaterCare at the CWL convention last week. Want to give your own presentation on MaterCare’s work? Contact us at