May, 2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues,  

This Mother’s Day, May 12th, MaterCare International celebrates the sanctity of the bond between mother and child as we rejoice in the privilege of serving mothers, their children and their families. MaterCare needs your support to continue this mission. In September, we will host our 10th Biennial and 15th International conference in Rome, “Wither/Whither Catholic Health Care?”, featuring international speakers, covering matters of interest to the medical profession, including spiritual, bioethical and professional concerns. Our conference title, asking «Is Catholic Health Care Withering, or Whither can it go?”, is designed to draw attention to the present concerns about the future of the ministry of health care. As ethical, moral and legal principles have undergone and continue to undergo fundamental change, this conference seeks to examine the questions; «Where are we going? What are our responsibilities? What support and resources are available to practitioners of faith?»

MaterCare also actively contributed to the former Pontifical Council for Health Pastoral Care, partnered with the upcoming “Science in the Service of Life- International Congress” in Poland, appeared as a witness before the African sub-committee of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the US House of Representatives and advised the Senior policy advisor of the Government of Canada, EU MEPS, UK MPs. We are in need of additional funds this year to help update our online services and website to better serve our supporters and continue our partnership work with international organizations.

MaterCare does not receive any funding from the Canadian government nor does it receive any financial support from the Catholic Church’s official development agency. DONATE TODAY

As maternal health care providers, our focus is to surround women and children with an alternative perspective of life to carry out the work of Evangelium Vitae (the Gospel of Life), and MaterCare does this through providing the highest quality of care, education and advocacy. For over a decade, we have been operating a project and more recently a 30-bed centre, MaterCare’s St. John Paul II Maternity Hospital, in Kenya. This project, Project Isiolo, provides a much needed hospital for high risk mothers. Our mission is to expand our maternal health services to places where mothers need it most, those places where maternal death is a tragically common occurrence. You can help!      

We could not continue our projects without you. If you’re already a donor, THANK YOU.


Dr. Robert Walley, Founder and Executive Director 

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