Dear Colleagues, 

I am in writing to all of you to create awareness on a specific case that is dear to my heart. 

Lino Gabriel Benso was born on 2/27/2019 

And at birth suffered from an  HIE hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy injury. 

72 hour hyperthermia treatment assisted with preserving his brain and internal organs from further damage. An MRI was taken and showed that the worst damage was to the bilateral basal ganglia.Lino has begun to show signs of the brain injury, most of which is related to exactly what his MRI had shown. His fine motor skills that were affected include his mouth & tongue , fingers and wrists, arms & legs, trunk & neck. 

He’s had numerous diagnoses in just 5 months of life:

Secondary microcephaly 



Sandifer’s Syndrome 

Failure to thrive

Oral aversion

Cow milk protein allergy

Seizure disorder

Cortical visual impairment 




Emotional regulation dysfunction 

Temperature regulation dysfunction.

Here are some of the diagnoses also likely or possible in his future:

Cerebral Palsy


Delayed visual maturation 

Hearing loss



Cognitive delays

Speech delay.

The family currently lives in the United States of America , specifically the father Stefano I have known since he was  a child and an active member of our local catholic community. 

The family is currently looking for financial assistance as the expenses despite the use of private insurance are adding up on a daily basis. 

Lino is in need of daily assistance and daily support for doctors appointments and therapy’s. 

A go fund me campaign has been started from the parents as you can see in the link below .

I appreciate the time that all of you are taking to read this cause and the support given. 

Thank you!

Vincenzo Defilippis , President Feamc