Foto: Flickr karmadude (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Dear Friends,

Kerala has suffered a great tragedy. The floods have wreaked havoc across the state with damage to life, homes and basic infrastructure. With the rest of the country, we at CHAI are greatly distressed by this suffering and are looking at ways to mitigate and help the victims.

CHAI has received offers of assistance from various quarters and this mail is to update you on how we are proceeding on this issue. I am in touch with our counterparts, including CHAI Kerala, CBCI Health Commission, the Sister Doctors’ Forum of India, Caritas India and the Kerala Social Service Forum. From their feedback, we understand that the rescue efforts are being stabilized and relief operations are intensely underway. The Government is taking leadership in most areas of relief and our counterparts in the field are contributing significantly to the efforts.

CHAI has extended support to our counterparts for a concerted effort. Therefore, in consultation with them, we are in the process of identifying areas where we can contribute. We will be in touch with you regarding the same.

CHAI had raised some funds for the celebration of our Platinum Jubilee. In the context of this tragedy, we prefer to have a more moderate celebration and would be using some of these funds towards Flood Relief.

The road ahead for Kerala is long and difficult and once the plan is ready, we will contact you to join us in our efforts.


Rev. Dr. Mathew Abraham C.Ss.R, MD
Director General