Affirming Life Through Ethical Medical Research: January 28, 2016

The Catholic Medical Association of St. Louis invites you to this event where you can learn how to help find cures while promoting pro-­‐life values!

Presenter: Dr. Alan Moy, founder of John Paul II Medical Research Institute

The John Paul II Medical Research Institute is honored to share with you their mission of finding better therapies and cures for cancer, neurological diseases, rare diseases, and chronic diseases using pro-­‐life practices.

  • Learn how JP2MRI is dedicated to developing ethical research technologies that advance drug discovery and regenerative medicine for many diseases.
  • Learn how advancements in adult stem cell research can led to the development of new cures and therapies.
  • Learn how a culture of death surrounds medical research and how embryonic stem cell and aborted fetal tissue research is a reality in the fight for finding cures.
  • Learn how you can promote and support medical research that protects the dignity of all human life.

JP2MRI Endorsement:

“I am pleased that your mission is to advance adult stem cell research that is consistent with the dignity of human life and that your plans include training the next generation of scientists in bioethics…”
~Reverend Martin Amos -­‐ Bishop of Davenport, Iowa

“Please permit me to express my heartfelt gratitude for JP2MRI’s mission and commitment of conducting ethical stem cell research to help accelerate drug discovery. This work is certainly vial in promoting human dignity and addressing the anti-­‐life issues confronting the Church and society.”
~Timothy Michael Cardinal Dolan

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