Unique was presented during the Executive committee meeting (Bureau) of the european branch of the FIAMC, the FEAMC, that took place in Cambridge from April 1 to 3


UNIQUE is a heart-warming story of a baby nine month journey inside the sanctuary of his mother’s womb. The author has used well-established scientific facts to give a tender account from the baby’s perspective on how he develops from conception to a fully formed human being. The miracle of a baby born fully alive is repeated thousands of time every day but each individual is unique and irreplaceable. UNIQUE is the story of how you and I came into being and no one who has ever read this book with all the beautiful pictures can ever doubt that the baby inside his mother’s womb is fully human and fully alive.

On behalf of the World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (FIAMC), I would like to thank the authors and all the collaborators ( Dr De Arquer and Dr Simón) for the gift of this wonderful book to humanity.

God bless

Dr John Lee

President FIAMC