Please see the brief article penned by the Canadian Federation of Catholic Physicians’ Societies.

I am happy to expand upon it if you would like a longer explanation.

The World Medical Association will hold a Council meeting in Riga, Latvija from April 26-28, when physician leaders from national medical associations around the world will debate a number of key issues. Policy items on the agenda include therapeutic abortion and the meeting will also hear reports on the regional conferences that have been held to discuss policy on end of life questions and how it will affect the policy on euthanasia and physician assisted suicide (1).

Surprisingly, an initial draft policy on abortion demanded that doctors refer for abortion, even against their conscience. The latest draft has been modified to allow freedom of conscience and rejects mandatory referral for abortion (2,3). However, Catholic doctors need to be aware of this situation and make sure this human right is upheld since the final policy has not been decided yet. The Fédération Internationale des Associations de Médecins Catholiques is highly encouraging its European members to become associate members of the WMA (4), and if possible, to attend the meeting at the end of April as observers and voice their concerns that freedom to practice medicine with integrity must be maintained.






Dr. Martin G Owen MD (H) CCFP
President Central Alberta Catholic Physicians
Vice President Canadian Catholic Physicians
Executive World Federation of Catholic Physicians