FAFCE: Brussels, “let’s reinitiate a culture of life in our Continent”

(Agensir) “The family is the first place of inclusion, where the value of every person can be welcomed in its uniqueness”. For this reason, the Federation of Catholic Family Associations in Europe (FAFCE) wants to mark the International Day of the Family by presenting its recent resolution for a “Demographic Spring” at a press conference in the European Parliament this morning.

The goal, a statement from FAFCE explains, is to “raise awareness about this silent emergency, asking for a family policy at the national level, which really take into account the essential contribution of the family to the society”. Indeed, although it is positive that the Council of the EU is about to adopt its “Conclusions on the role of youth in addressing the demographic challenges”, it is “astonishing” that the document “ignores family policy as the key issue and the way out of the crisis”.

The issue of demographic winter has to be tackled in respect of the principle of subsidiarity, in the awareness that “no EU Member State has a replacement birth rate”. Therefore, FAFCE backs the Polish pro-life bill, looks with concern at the proposed law aiming at legalising euthanasia in Portugal, supports the “Love Both” campaign in Ireland in favour of a NO in the referendum on 25 May, and follows with concern every threat to the right to life, as in the case of Alfie Evans. “Let’s build a real family policy – the message from FAFCE reads – and reinitiate a culture of life in our Continent”.