Dear CMA Member,

Please sponsor a medical student or resident to attend the Conference this year in Denver. We need your help to form as many future physicians as possible in the truth and science of what the Church teaches. The cost to sponsor a student is $745.00. Any amount you can donate is appreciated. Even if you are unable to attend the conference, please consider this urgent request. The medical students are counting on you. Here is a quick breakdown of where we stand:

64 scholarship applications received this year (including clergy and religious).
30 student and resident scholarships awarded
7 clergy/religious scholarships were awarded through the Holy Alliance program).

23 medical students and residents were turned away. This is sad news. Many have indicated they could still make it to the conference if an opportunity opened up. We don’t want to prevent anyone from attending due to finances. Please help and donate today. We want to tell them yes as soon as possible so they make their travel plans. Any amount is appreciated.

We need to raise $17,000 to be able to say yes to the remaining 23 applicants. Please click here to donate and mark the “Medical Student and Resident Education” box on the form. If you are unable to make a one time donation of $745.00, consider a twelve month recurring gift of $62.00.

On behalf of the medical students and residents, thank you in advance for considering this request and any support you can offer.

I hope to see you in Denver!

God bless,

Mario R. Dickerson, M.T.S.
Executive Director

Read what the students are saying about past conferences:

“The CMA conference gave me the beautiful stories and advice of passionate Catholic physicians, many new friends and reunions with old friends, and a deepening of faith which strengthens me for the challenges of each day.”
– Martin Brown, CMA-SS President

“I do not practice the Catholic faith, but I wanted to reflect by saying I left the conference with eyes a little wider, open to alternative viewpoints and perspectives present in the health care field that I am eager to carry with me into my journey to being a future physician. I was touched by the loving and enriching atmosphere and really appreciated the opportunity to attend!”
– Tejasvi Peesay

“The conference inspires, challenges, and motivates me anew to grow in my faith and strive for professional excellence.”
– Anna Purzycka, CMA-SS Communications Director