The Australian Catholic Medical Association is proud to host the ‘Sex, Gender and the Human Person’  Virtual Conference on Saturday May 30th. Details of the conference program are attached below. 

The conference will be co-sponsored by the Australian Sovereign Military Order of Malta and the Christian Medical and Dental Fellowship of Australia

Expert speakers across a range of specialties will discuss the medical, legal and bioethical issues concerning Transgenderism in the young, and the increasing incidence of ‘Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria’ in children and adolescents both in Australia and around the world.

Following the Queensland government’s recent failed attempt to enact coercive legislation in this area of medicine (see part 5B), the  Victorian parliament is now likely to introduce similar legislation which will seek to ban any therapy or counselling other than ‘gender identity affirmation’ methods, which include ‘puberty blocking’ drugs and surgery, even for children and adolescents.

Such legislation will have wide ranging effects on families, health-care workers, councillors and teachers, not to mention the considerable risks of harm to young people themselves. It is paramount that our community begins discussing this important issue to be better informed about this subject and learn what is at stake. We hope our conference will help start that conversation.

Click here to be part of this important  online and interactive conference and discussion