Anne Lastman—

We live in very difficult times. I had a sense that “something” was due to happen soon. Heaven could not remain silent at the cry of the innocent and with the new “chatter,” that is, beginning of plotting a new law which would legally permit babies to be euthanised up to 28 days after birth. That is open offering of blood sacrifice to Molech. As we have offering of the body and blood of our Lord Jesus, satan or Molech wants same obeisance and honour ordered and offered to God alone, and again, as at the beginning, woman has been targeted to do this. Woman, whose womb and body were designed to carry on the future.  Into her hands our God has entrusted the future.  And yet again woman has rejected that great honour. Again, woman the heart of humanity has rejected her special role of continuing what God has designed.  There is a loss of the memory of “motherhood” 

So, I am not surprised at the present and coming chaos which we will see and experience.  This has incrementally been introduced.  Satan’s great desire and therefore angst has been that he is not worshipped, or been able to create like God, and yet a weaker creation can participate in the work that he should have, that is, to create a humanity, indeed to replace the Creators creation his own and that of his minions. 

Molech has from the very beginning seduced the woman because it would be in her body that would be carried the ultimate creation, the Son of the high God.  It would be woman who would be honoured and not he himself, as he thought he should be.  She would be the stronger of the two. The male and female.  

We see abortion as something which was birthed in the last century, but abortion has existed from all time. Abortion, the killing of innocents, at times as sacrifice to the infernal fallen angel, e.g. furious death of little boys (not girls) when at last the Son of the “Woman” was born. A despot was urged to carry out the slaughter of the innocent children “just in case the Child was amongst them.”  The infernal one has had thousands of years to be on the lookout for the one who would eventually defeat him, at least defeat his intentions to destroy all of the Creator’s special creations and to do this, all human children and innocence have always been targeted.  I personally will also not be surprised at the suffering society will go through in the coming times.  The overturning of Roe v Wade will have been the catalyst.

Satan is raging again. He’s leading a rebellion just like he led a rebellion in the heavens before time began, and his expulsion from the heavens, and then the decision to bring to birth the son of the most High, whose strength would defeat him.  In his foreknowledge the God of creation knew that a weaker man would not be able to defeat the enemy. “My Father where is the sacrifice? The fire and the wood are here but where is the lamb? And Abraham said “God will provide the lamb for the burnt offering my son” (Gen22:8). From the very beginning reparation leading to salvation would come from on high and of course this has been right as the fallen one originally came from on high, and throughout the thousands of years, humanity through all times and hardships remembered the promise of the One to come. The lamb. The sacrifice.   Societies have come and gone.  Worship of both the High God and false gods have come and gone but the promise remained. Waited until an opportune time. (Lk 4:13)

What we have now is not a war against babies or woman this is a war against the wicked one who’s forced need to be worshipped led first to the chaos in the heavens and has continued ever since. Always using same tactics as at the beginning of time. Abuse of Innocence.  It’s interesting that he is using woman again. We see women enraged at the thought of and even restriction and possible removal of the “right” to be able to kill their child with impunity.  

He, Molech, was present at the woman’s creation and knew the work which would be her salvation after his seduction of her, and from all time has continued to seduce her with promises appropriate to the time.  But always it was her womb and the fruit of her womb which would be his target.

As we watch women’s faces and listen to their voices and read the placards being held up, we can see a rage and a hatred but it’s not a human rage or hatred it’s a rage rising from the very deep.  She, unaware, responds and fuels and expresses that rage.  She expresses a rage and hatred without knowing that her call for her rights, is a call to kill a child. Her child.  Her comment “its my body to do as I want” are the reversal of words which were also uttered two years ago “It’s my body I give it for you” and it’s obvious that she does not hear or understand her demand.

It’s not a war against woman, man, child, these are the means to achieve success against the “enemy” of God.  This is a war where even the words screeched are not understood by those screeching them because if understood the women would not be calling out “this is my body” because its not her body which will be murdered but the body of another human being, an innocent.  For those protestors it has not registered what they are really saying.

Yes, we can say that it is the woman’s body, she has autonomy over that, but the body of the infant she is carrying is a separate body and not her own and in her own action she invited that new body to take up residence there.  We can also remember Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice when he demanded the pound of flesh. It was to be an exact pound of flesh and not an ounce more or less.  The body within the woman’s body is separate from her body and a different she is not to harm the “pound of flesh” only her flesh protected by the exact measure that was demanded of the Merchant himself.  she may do what she wants with her own flesh but not the flesh of another. not even smallest amount.

The genie has been let out of the bottle and we cannot expect that it will want to return into it. It will bring great suffering both to the innocent and the guilty, and the road will at times seem never ending, but it really does have an ending.  The greatest need is for pro-lifers to be “singing from the same song book.” we must speak the same language of truth, that is, what really exists within the body of woman. The treasure hidden there.  Here I am reminded of the creation of Eve and even Adam was in a deep sleep (ecstasy) as is the creation of all new life. In silence and mystery, a new life comes into being so that it fulfills the desires of Creator God.

To do this, motherhood which has been lost, must be found again.  Like the Good Shepherd, we must go out and find that” Pearl of great price.” Motherhood. the renewed answer to the fallen one.