Anne Lastman

Social media exploded this past week. Not with the latest controversial TV show, star, and anything it might explode with an unexpected event.  The explosion has been something that I must admit not even I expected.  The overturning of that famously called Roe v Wade law. A law based on a decision of the USA Supreme Court which ruled the constitution protects the right of every woman to choose whether to choose life or death of her in utero child. Indeed, without any interference from laws.  This law which seemed secure, done dusted, Filed away in perpetuity for the pro-abortion movement. It was etched in cement like the names of stars, on Hollywood walk of Fame, ensured memory and work of stars.  This Roe v Wade ensured that no woman would ever be forced to carry a child. No woman would carry a child if she didn’t want to.  It ensured that her body did not have to be the residence of another, her child.  

This law began an ongoing fight between the pro-life movement and pro-choice/pro-abortion movement which has at times (many years) become virulent but without let up. This law became the centre point of life and abortion debates which have continued to this day.  The morality of abortion has been contested. The legality of abortion has been contested. views both religious and secular have seen many trees cut down to make more paper.  Millions of words written yet without a surrender or solution either side. Indeed, following cases which further determined that abortion is constitutionally protected.  

As we found out in last several years Roe v Wade has always been based on a lie.  Norma McCovey (Jane Roe) never did have an abortion though she was pregnant and adopted out the child as she had done with a previous child and her first child raised by her own mother.

In a documentary at the end of her life she admitted that her beliefs were based on money which was given to her to be the face and voice of pro-choice movement.  As it was said of her “Roe” she didn’t help herself but supposedly helped other women.

For someone whose life had been extremely hard the attention and financial benefits were welcome.  Se became famous meeting celebrities, public speaking, a global figure.  However, it seems that time and illness caught up with her and close to death she made her stunning announcement she lied  and promoted her conversion story was both believed in some quarters and disbelieved others. However, the damage had been done. Roe v Wade became the litmus test for the pro-choice pro-abortion movement. 

Roe v Wade had changed the value of infants in the womb. They were considered not human until certain gestational stage and all based on a lie. The law had changed their very humanity al based on a troubled penniless woman and her lie.  Whilst abortion has always existed it had never been so openly courted and legitimised and made to sound so “right” Never in past history had woman been given the “right” to terminate the life of another, her child.  Even the Didache spoke strongly about the sin of abortion, and we still have record of this.

As I have followed this week’s fantastical news about the overturning of this law I began thinking “should we be afraid about what is to come if this now potential but later reality of the overturning of this law?  And my deep in my heart thought, as a  pro-lifer, is that yes, we should be afraid.  But this doesn’t mean retreat.  Yes, we cannot retreat because we who have fought for babies and their mothers, fathers, society, have now been given an opportunity to work for our gift/gain.  We who have wanted to see babies safe, life filled with peace now must not retreat.  And yet there is a feeling of NO because the persecution will not be a persecution against the walls, building, stain glass windows, pews, of our church, even clergy and pro-lifers themselves but it will be a persecution and crucifixion of the bride of Christ. The Church in the spirit of the Bride. 

This Calvary and crucifixion of the bride are a must because she must undergo the same as her groom. Jesus. The same suffering as His Mother “a sword will pierce your heart” The sword designed for the bride’s crucifixion is in the shape of scalpel.

It must happen because Our Lord has left behind His body which forever says “this is my body given for you” and “woman of sin” now wants to destroy the bride (church) so she cannot continue sharing His body with brothers and sisters. Shattering the same peace which was shattered in the garden long ago. 

Her groom’s gift and promise “I leave my body to you for all time” is being countermined by “woman” who is saying “my body my choice” I destroy your body.

Am I afraid for the upcoming times both before whilst still conjecture that the law will be overturned and after if this becomes real and true? Yes. Very much so.

We will see chaos which will make prior civil wars seem like a picnic.  We will see the Church particularly be victim. We will see pro-lifers attacked and murdered, burnings, murders, lootings, shootings and all actions of horror.  The feminist movement joined by other unhappy disgruntled fringe movements, joined also by the rent-a-crowd will not permit that their infernal choice of sacrificial offerings to Molech will be taken from them.

Yes, as some say this possible overturning of Roe v Wade is a great blessing and answer to prayer and indeed it is, but like Holy week there will be much suffering.  

Of this I am afraid.