Anne Lastman—

Recently I came across an article by a concerned mum which left me not knowing how to respond, whether to laugh, cry, whimper, puke or simply ignore.

Reading about “The Furry Phenomenon and Its Appearance in Australia” I couldn’t believe that oxygen was being given to such a “phenomenon.”

Citing the story of a year 8 student who identifies as a cat. Who is “phenomenally bright” and non-verbal and the school’s reaction to such a student.

it doesn’t take much to understand that this student (nonverbal could be many things including intentional mutism) has identified as cat, because, I believe the thought is that cats are safe. Cats are cuddled. Cats are nonviolent. Cats respond to attention with love.  It appears that the biggest problem seems to be that the school has used the approach of almost ignoring the issue or have an understanding of why this has happened.

It seems that the child’s family is vocal about the latest trends of gender dysphoria with a knowledge that more and more young people are identifying as whatever they like including “furries.”

Personally, I would look deeply into the matter as to why a year eight child (about 13 years of age) would want to be like a cat and not be similar to her peers.  What does a 13-year-old know about transgender issues?  Where does this information come from? Why such a need to change herself and to a different species, not even one of her own kind.

Is the professional advice sought by the school and being given the notion that the wellbeing of the child is paramount?  How is this diagnosis reached by those who determine the wellbeing of the child?

The “Furries” movement has been an underground group which is not new but has been in existence for many decades and is a group which usually doesn’t encourage children to join them. It’s a group which obviously made a conscious decision to experiment after many previous experimentations between different species, including sexual encounters who hold meetings, and social encounters. Indeed, individuals with same beliefs and ideals.

The story that others in USA are also reporting children identifying as various animals doesn’t say much except that most kinky phenomena seem to emerge from there. 

The day we opened up the doorway wide to the abuse of sexuality (meant to be between man and woman) in all manner of ways including abortion, marriages amongst various couplings, we accepted even a sex political party, was the day that society started to openly speak about deviations and then demand the legalisations of these behaviours. Imagine even the NAMBLA in USA (Man boy love association) seeking legalisation, the alphabet of genders, etc, should have been a sign that more was to come and I predict that more and worse is still to come.  Once all manner of relationships were demanded and then legalised then slowly all others were sure to make their plight also known, marketed and demanded legalisation.

The common denominator in all gender confusions, is wounded sexuality.  Once there is a wound to this area of a human being’s  life then all things become possible because this is the area designed to create life and if this area is disturbed then “life” the domain of God is  corrupted.

Legal abortion has now been conquered. It’s a done deal. Euthanasia is mostly globally a done deal. Gender manipulation is almost a done deal. All manner of sexual behaviours a done deal, so it seems that that intimate area where God, man and woman cooperate has been and is being continually corrupted.  We are looking in wrong places for answers.  Our being scandalised at very young children’s dress ups and fantasying is not it or even young children not trusting adults anymore and pets become their security and comfort has found an audience. 

The “furries” is simply one more attack at the violation of sexuality as God designed it and the more oxygen is given to “furries” and other distortions by any form of media and especially social media and places like Tik Tok, Instagram, (Face book is now relegated to oldies) the more acceptance it will gather by the young and vulnerable. The politically correct police are on the lookout, it is expected that the more and more oxygen will be needed to oxygenate the new “phenomena” because it might otherwise upset the “righteous” (if it feels good brigade) who believe that everything is good and should be one’s own choice. One’s “right”

Personally, I would want to see and speak and find out why this young person feels safe, comforted, not afraid, nurtured by presenting as a cat rather than her real self. What is her fear? What made her want to change? Why did she choose a cat and not some other animal? If it was a sexual thing the choice of animal would not be appropriate.  A cat speaks to us of gentleness and I would want to know how is this lacking in her life.

There many questions I would want to ask before I would label her a “furrie” and by   labelling her, giving her something she wants without the underlying cause of such need be found and dealt with.