Thursday 24th August 2023

Analise D Mello MBBS, MS obgyn, DNB

 “How do you know me?”

I often sit and think about the sins I have committed, some times of omission, many of commission.. I keep thinking how does God know exactly where to find me … sending the people or words I know and I should hear!

Past few days, I have been feeling a sense of doubt in myself – imposter syndrome ! At work and at home! I feel I am not good enough and unworthy and then I put on a façade like faking it till I am making it!

I am unsure why this feeling has crept unto me – I barely got back onto my feet after getting adjusted with new place! Seniors saying stuff to me, co workers gossip, chaos at work and language issues- I was barely getting along the flow!

And then one day someone passed a remark and my entire fake confidence came crashing down! As I sat in prayer asking God what I wanted – I asked God , how does he know me?How does He know who I am and what I want?

I think He does!

He knows all of us.

Let us know the Lord like He knows us!



Analise D Mello MBBS, MS obgyn, DNB

Hello! I’m Dr Analise Maria D’ Mello, (MBBS, MS obgyn, DNB) from the beautiful state of Goa in India. I was born and raised in a Roman Catholic family, learning my prayers, catechism and Catholic values from my parents and grandmothers. I am currently practicing as an obstetrician and gynecologist for 3 years since my residency. I often speak on anti-abortion to college students and married couples, and counsel distressed pregnant women with appropriate medical advice. I am part of the St Luke’s Medical Guild of Catholic Doctors in my state providing services in prisons, and Lenten and advent retreats for medical professionals and their families.