May 15, 2023:  Discussion-based course (not a lecture series) specifically written for health care professionals, entitled The Purpose and Meaning of Suffering, based on the apostolic letter of Pope John Paul II, entitled Salvifici Doloris – On the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering.

Why a Course for Health Care Professionals about Suffering?  
1) To instill a Catholic vision of the purpose and meaning of suffering,
2) To learn how to practically provide compassion to our suffering patients, and
3) To provide time for fellowship with others who want the Catholic Faith to inform and
influence their professional lives in medicine

Why Can’t I Just Learn This on My Own? (You can, but . . . )
This course will comprehensively take the participant through the 31 paragraphs
and over 16,000 words of Salvifici Doloris in twelve interactive lessons. 
This course was written to be given in a group setting because
1) It gives people the opportunity to learn from others (many of the practical
suggestions will come from your colleagues, not the pages of this manual)
2) It helps people to be more attentive and more responsible while learning
3) In today’s world, there is a great need for fellowship among like-minded Catholic
medical professionals
4) As with the meaning of suffering, we learn the meaning of our lives serving patients
primarily through experience and not through head knowledge

Some details:  
There are 12 “lessons”.  Each lesson is 90 minutes.
While it will be helpful to read the section of Salvifici Doloris in advance, it is not necessary!
We’ll have one lesson each month, on the third Monday, beginning promptly at 8:00 PM and ending promptly at 9:30 PM.
The first lesson will be Monday, May 15.  It will be held via Zoom.

Please indicate your interest with an email:

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