Please pray for the victims of the ZIKA VIRUS PLAGUE  E specially for unborn babies and their mothers and fathers.

The Zika virus is spread by mosquitoes. It can cause serious harm to unborn babies.  They may be born with deformed skulls (microcephaly), severe retardation, and eye damage. The problem was first recognized less than a year ago, and initially it seemed to be localized to an area in northern Brazil. In the short time since, however, the virus has spread with explosive force to infect over 33 countries.  Over 500 cases of Zika virus infection have already been diagnosed in Puerto Rico alone. UN authorities project that over 4 million people will be impacted worldwide.

In the large Brazilian city of Recife, before the plague, less than 5 children would be born, on average, in any given year with microcephaly. In the last 6 months, over 300 children with microcephaly have been born there. And now, Zika virus is spreading rapidly worldwide. It is already here in the United States!

There is no sure way to determine, until relatively late in pregnancy, whether a child is affected.  There is no treatment, no cure.  Many women are choosing to abort their baby.  Others are afraid of becoming pregnant.  Pro-abortion activists are using fear of this virus to promote pro-abortion legislation in panic-stricken Catholic nations.

Zika virus is truly a plague. It is already causing untold suffering – foremost for affected babies and their moms and dads, but also for all of us and for our nation.Please pray for an end soon to the Zika virus plague.  Pray that steps will be taken:

*  to develop vaccines that will prevent the disease from spreading,

* to improve methods that will eradicate the mosquitoes that carry the virus,

* to provide afflicted babies and their families with the support they will need to provide special care for the little victims of this disease, and

*  to inspire a courageous heart in mothers who learn that their unborn baby has Zika virus, so that they will not turn to abortion, but rather choose life for this baby who needs their love even more.

Dr. Richard Watson

Former President of the CMA-USA