It all started when one rich western philanthropist tripped the switch with the weight of her wealth ……

Last summer, the flood “gates” of contraception was opened on the poorest nations in the world, and most of these were African nations. An astronomical amount of money was poured into the project that had as primary objective – the drastic reduction of the fertility of the poor.

Ever since then, there has been new and upcoming abortion proposals/bills springing up in various African nations, and also stringent population control measures being strongly proposed from one African nation to the other.

It is beginning to feel as if the cultural tectonic plates are shifting beneath us and a new era is about to begin. An era where every new born African baby is now an “increase in population” rather than a precious gift from God. An era where the African woman is taught to be an autonomous woman whose freedom comes not from her God but from her artificial contraceptive pills, patch or injectables.

An era where the African man suddenly discovers that he can indeed have all the free sex he wants with no strings, no marriage and certainly no babies attached.

Such is the ugly complexion of the new era, the new age, the new époque, and it is sure to unleash the culture of death on us.

Culture of Life Africa will be dedicated to following and highlighting through our blog and Facebook Page the News on Life issues in and about Africa, especially where the sanctity of human life is being attacked, where the proponents of population control fail to realize that the population is a collection of special, specific human beings, where the talk of “sexual health” becomes more emphatic than real maternal and neonatal health and where sex-education is given more importance than real formative education .

We invite all people of good will (Africans and all good Friends of Africa) to join us in disscussing and dissuading the radical reformers from the massive destructive cultural shift that they are trying to trigger in Africa. So that together, we can build up a lasting Culture of Life and Civilisation of Love, for this generation and the generations to come.