Kenya Catholic Doctors Association Health Conference 2018
“A holistic approach to health care.”

Theme: Universal healthcare: A Christian perspective.
Dimesse Sisters, 26th – 28th October 2018, Karen, Nairobi, Kenya

Call for Papers

Kenya Catholic Doctors Association is delighted to announce the Annual Health Conference for 2018. This will be in collaboration with the Christian Medical and Dental Association of Kenya. At the Kenya Catholic Doctors Association, we believe that truth is the confluence of science and spirituality and that holistic health care must take into consideration the fact that human beings are created as a unity of body (martial/tangible) and spirit (immaterial/intangible). The conference therefore brings together healthcare providers from the full spectrum of health including the spiritual and environmental aspects that have hereto been neglected in the narrow focus of medical scientific conferences. There will also be a special session on human rights from a Christian perspective. Insights from the conference will give guidance to Christian healthcare providers on issues touching on the practice of faith and vocation as we pursue universal healthcare.

Morals and Ethics in healthcare
Family health/reproduction
Environmental health and wealth creation
Human rights, responsibilities and Health

Abstracts should be sent to:

Abstract submission deadline: 19th October 2018
Registration Deadline: 19th October 2018

Full board and conference: Ksh. 8,000
Conference without boarding: Ksh 4,000

Dr Stephen K. Karanja, 0722788962,
Dr Andrew K. Ndonga, 0722731378,
Dr Wahome Ngare, 0722815453,

The participants will cover their travel expenses. Tea, snacks and lunch will be provided for all including the non-boarders.