Stop the war in Ukraine!

On February 24, at noon (Japan time), the Russian army began its invasion of Ukraine. The fighting between the two armies has already intensified, and it is reported that there are casualties not only among soldiers but also among civilians including young children. We, the Catholic doctors of Asian Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (AFCMA), firmly oppose any war as a means of conflict resolution.

Let us now remember the opening words of the “Appeal for Peace” issued by Pope St. John Paul II when he visited Hiroshima, Japan on February 25, 1981.”War is the work of man. War is destruction of human life. War is death.”

At a time when humanity is confronted with medical problems to be solved, such as the worldwide spread of a new coronavirus disease (COVID-19), the use of military force to invade is just not right.

The AFCMA cannot turn a blind eye to this war as it is happening far away from us.We call out to the world. Let’s raise our voices to stop the war now. And, in particular, as St. John Paul II admonished Heads of State and of Government, and those who held political and economic power, in his Appeal for Peace in Hiroshima, we call on our fellow leaders around the world in the same words.”Let us pledge ourselves to peace through justice. Let us take a solemn decision, now, that war will never be tolerated or sought as a means of resolving differences. Let us replace violence and hate with confidence and caring.”

March 1, 2022
Shigeyuki KanoPresident, AFCMA