The Guild of St. Luke, St. Cosmas and St. Damian Hong Kong (香港天主教醫生協會) was founded in 1953 as a result of a desire on the part of local Catholic Medical practitioners (Hong Kong Catholic Doctors) and dentists to have a group to which they could relate. We aim at facilitating the intercourse between Catholic members of the medical profession of Hong Kong with a view to the study and discussion of bioethical issues, and of upholding the principles of Catholic morality. We discuss our problems that we face in daily practice with the intention of deciding them along the lines of our faith.

The importance of medical ethics is always highlighted in catholic doctors. Meetings and seminars are organized for members and public to promote their awareness and to clarify misconceptions. Comments will be submitted to state our stand in response to the consultation papers on bioethics-related issues from the Government.

We are a member of the Asian Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (AFCMA) and International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (FIAMC). We are also a founding member of the Federation of Medical Societies of Hong Kong, an executive committee member of the Birthright Society and the regular member of Hong Kong Central Council of Catholic Laity (香港天主教教友總會).

We work closely with Hong Kong Catholic Nurses Guild (天主教護士會)and Diocesan Commission for Hospital Pastoral Care (醫院牧民委員會). We jointly organize the annual Medical Sunday Mass (on the Sunday nearest to St. Luke’s feastday, Oct. 18th), which was started as Hospital Sunday Mass in 1969. We pray for the sick, all health care workers and all departed souls. We also remind our vocation – to help the sick and the poor.

Our History

21-23 March 19533-day retreat led by Fr. Fergus Cronin S.J to discuss the formation of the Guild
26 March 1953Approval by Bishop Lawrence Bianchi to form the Guild
28 May 1953Foundation of the Guild
19 October 19691st Hospital Sunday
1989Logo design and Chinese name of the Guild given
4 May 2010Incorporation of the Guild

Our Masters

1953 – 1954DR. A.P. GUTERRES
1954 – 1955DR. GERALD CHOA
1955 – 1956DR. GEORGE T.C. YEUNG
1956 – 1957DR. E.L. GOSANO
1957 – 1958DR. A.H.R. COOMBES
1958 – 1959DR. C.F.X. DA ROZA
1959 – 1960DR. CISSY YEUNG
1960 – 1961DR. A.M. RODRIGUES
1961 – 1962DR. GEORGE CHOA
1963 – 1964DR. HARRY FANG
1965 – 1966DR. C.C. PUN
1966 – 1967DR. R.J. BARNES
1967 – 1968DR. CAROL BRAGA
1968 – 1969DR. CHUA SIN GIAP
1969 – 1971RAMON RUIZ
1971 – 1972RAYMOND LOW
1972 – 1974PETER CHOY
1974 – 1976SR. AQUINAS
1979 – 1980DR. GODWIN CHAN
1981 – 1983DR. CHAN WAI KAI
1983 – 1984DR. VINCENT TSE
1985 – 1988DR. GEORGE CHAN
1988 – 1990DR. ROBERT YUEN
1990 – 1991DR. STEPHEN LAW
1991 – 1993DR. FRANCIS MOK
1993 – 1997DR. HO HIU FAI
1997 – 1998DR. REBECCA YEUNG
2001-2003PRO F. ALBERT LEE

Our Patrons

St. Cosmas and St. Damian

Martyrs, died c.303, feastday Sept. 26th

It’s been said that they were brothers, maybe even twins, who were trained by famous Arab physicians. In Christian charity, they would take no money for their services. They refused to sacrifice to idols, and so they were tortured by the civil authorities government police and then thrown into the sea. They are patron saints of doctors, surgeons, dentists, druggists, and twins. People pray to them in times of epidemic diseases.

The great Evangelist Saint Luke

First century, feastday Oct.18th

He was the author of the Gospel of Luke and the Acts of Apostles. He was a well-educated Greek. He might have been a doctor. Paul instructed him in the faith, and in return he became Paul’s loyal friend and assistant. He joined Paul at Troas during Paul’s second missionary journey and stayed with him through his travels, except during the times when Luke was assigned to stay with a newly established Christian Community. When Paul was imprisoned, Luke stayed close by him to assist him and watch over his health. Paul described him as “the beloved physician”.