17 May 1981

Regina Caeli  message of Sunday, 17 May

Thousands of people crowded St. Peter’s Square on Sunday, 17 May, to hear the Holy Father’s “Regina Caeli” message which had previously been recorded at his bedside in the “Gemelli” Hospital. The text of the message is as follows:

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Beloved brothers and sisters,

I know that during these days and especially in this hour of the Regina Caeli you are united with me.

With deep emotion I thank you for your prayers and I bless you all.

I am particularly close to the two persons wounded together with me. I pray for that brother of ours who shot me, and whom I have sincerely pardoned.

United with Christ, Priest and Victim, I offer my sufferings for the Church and for the world.

To you, Mary, I repeat: Totus tuus ego sum (I belong entirely to you).

John Paul II