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Nyabwina Blessing Ceremony

In many African cultures, rituals and ceremonies hold profound significance, weaving together faith, tradition, and community. This is especially true for endeavors as monumental as the construction of a hospital, where the well-being of mothers and newborns is at the forefront. Nyabwina hospital grounds Blessing

Mater Care: The Importance of Emergency Transportation

The Importance and Challenges of Emergency Transportation in Nyabwina  Maternal healthcare remains a critical issue worldwide, with the stakes even higher in rural areas like Nyabwina. This small, remote village faces unique challenges that severely impact the health and safety of pregnant women. Central to

The Role of Gurneys in Maternal Health

Did you know? The Crucial Role of Gurneys in Maternal Health Pregnancy is a transformative and delicate period in a woman's life, requiring specialized care and attention. Maternal health settings play a vital role in ensuring the well-being of both mothers and their unborn babies.

Celebrating Christmas and Motherhood

A Catholic Perspective on Maternal Health As the joyous season of Christmas approaches, it's a time for reflection, gratitude, and celebrating the gift of life. For mothers, the journey of motherhood is not only a profound personal experience but also a sacred responsibility. Christmas, at

Mater Care in Uganda

From the field: St. Claret Health Centre, Nyabwina, Mbarara Region, Uganda 2023 Written by: Simon Walley, Executive Director, MaterCare International, November, 2023 We visited St. Claret Maternity Centre which was the “Old School” compound. Our last visit was just prior to Covid in February 2020

Ultrasound Machines in Maternal Health

Embracing Life: The Crucial Role of Ultrasound Machines in Maternal Health In the realm of maternal health, the Christian faith underscores the sanctity of life, emphasizing the profound moral responsibility to protect and nurture both the mother and the unborn child. Central to this mission

Open Letter to the United Nations on Down Syndrome

As representatives of the Catholic healthcare community, we address the United Nations to emphasize our commitment to upholding the dignity, rights, and well-being of individuals with Down Syndrome. We recognize the intrinsic value and uniqueness of every human life, regardless of genetic differences or disabilities.

Climate and poor roads…

Climate and poor road conditions continue to play a role in maternal health When we think about our global climate and maternal health, we might not see obvious connections, but the impact on safe deliveries and access to care is real. Nyabwina is a beautiful

MaterCare Conference – Rome 2022 – “Mothers are Women too!”

Postponed conference 2021 "Mothers are Women too" Prioritizing maternal health in the new millennium 13 – 14 September 2022 MaterCare International The 11th Biennal Rome ConferenceThe 13th International Conference Maria Santissima Bambina Institute Via Paolo VI, 21 Rome, Italy To register, please email: On

President Ars Opening Address – MaterCare Conference 2022

Dear President Chazan, Dear Bogdan, Dear colleagues, Dear friends, It is a great joy and an honour for me, as President of the World Federation of Catholic Physicians, as well as on my own behalf, to be able to deliver to you the opening address

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