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Sexual Abuse of Minors-A critique

Anne Lastman Having recently read an article in Crux Catholic Journal (Feb 21/2024) titled “Long after the pope’s abuse summit, victims still traumatised by the system meant to address their cases.” This I would suggest is not unexpected.  At the end of the proceedings at

Chemical Abortion: Just the Facts

Just the Facts: Q &A on Chemical Abortion Topic Abortion Office/Committee Pro-Life Activities Year Published 2024 Language English chemical_abortion_q&a_2.2024_0.pdf ( Just the Facts: Q &A on Chemical AbortionJust

Death Penalty…A Dubious Justice

Anne Lastman  I usually don’t get involved in “death issues” other than abortion and sexual abuse because there are others whose charism might be in the area they are called to just as I believe that I am working in the area that I am

Do no harm: protecting minors from gender ideology

Protecting Minors from Gender Ideology Do No Harm: the core of the Hippocratic oath and the role of medical professionals. Nowhere is this commitment more important than the care of our children and teenagers, which is why we’re fighting to curtail the unscientific and individually

Ireland: No to deliberate killing of Patients

Irish Medical Council strips directive banning ‘deliberate killing’ of patients    By Daniel Payne for CNA null / nito/Shutterstock CNA Staff, Jan 11, 2024 / 12:45 pm (CNA). The Irish Medical Council has stripped a prohibition against the “deliberate killing” of patients from the most recent

Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research 25 Years On

Eugene C. TarneOctober 30, 2023 This is Issue 15 of CLI’s On Science Series. Twenty-five years ago, scientists first isolated human embryonic stem cells (hESCs).[1] Shortly after this development, the use of these stem cells in medical research had become a major public policy controversy in

Surrogacy, A Loss of Dignity of the created Human Being

Anne Lastman The Holy father Pope Francis on January 8th made a statement which sent social media and secular media into frenzy. Pope Francis calls for a universal ban on surrogate motherhood. Using words such as “despicable” practice of surrogate motherhood which he concluded as

Intelligenza artificiale: l’umano ignorato

Giornale Di PugliaGennaio 06 FILIPPO M.BOSCIA* - Mutamenti culturali e società incidono in modo determinante sulla professione del medico, la tecnologia facilita in modo straordinario le procedure di diagnosi e terapia risolvendo problemi dapprima non risolvibili. Nella grande rivoluzione della medicina l’umanizzazione ha perso terreno su

India: FIAMC Bio-Medical Ethics Centre

OUR MESSAGE Oswald Cardinal Gracias ARCHBISHOP OF BOMBAY & PATRONFIAMC BIO-MEDICAL ETHICS CENTRE We are aware of the tremendous advances being made in medical and health sciences, but the benefit of this technology often does not reach the masses. The pandemic has highlighted how the

January 19: March for Life

Abortion is the most significant human rights abuse of our time. Will you take a stand? Join us for theNational March For Life Washington, D.C. | January 19, 2024 FacebookTwitterCompartir

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