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Journée mondiale des parents

Journée mondiale des parents : honorons la maternité et la paternitéBruxelles, le 2 juin 2020 Dans la continuité de la Journée mondiale des parents, la FAFCE rappelle l'importance de la maternité et de la paternité et demande une reconnaissance de leurs rôles fondamentaux durant cette pandémie."Les

Coronavirus has exposed the limitations of hegemonic materialism

“Coronavirus has exposed the limitations of hegemonic materialism”. An interview with Prof. Danilo Castellano 27 March 2020By editorDSC NEWS At the end of February the eleventh International Congress of the Colombian Association of Catholic Lawyers and the sixth Hispanic Day of Natural Law was held at the headquarters

The Post-Covid-19 Pandemic – New Socio-Medical Future

Bernard Ars, M.D., Ph.D..President of the International Federation of Associations of Catholic Doctors. Scroll down for the French, Spanish, Italian and Portugees version of this text. The confinement period of the beginning of 2020 has shown that globalization, an economic and financial phenomenon, has limits,

COVID-19: Shadow of Grief

Anne Lastman Picture: Dr. María Gloria Simón For the past 24 years, I have worked with thousands of grievers. I have sat with post abortive men and women, both young and old. I have listened to the most anguished sighs and flow of tears. I

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Nel tempo del coronavirus (It, En)

Cari Colleghi, la situazione sanitaria per la emergenza Coronavirus è drammatica in Europa e in Italia in specie. Nel mio Paese stiamo chiusi in casa su ordine del Governo, possiamo uscire solo per lavoro o per comprare cibo, usiamo le mascherine; le scuole sono chiuse;

God and the viruses

The media is saturated these days with the latest news of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) – which symptoms to look out for, how it spreads, and what steps must be taken to prevent, contain or treat it. But this Coronavirus is not unique in making headlines

Fragilité humaine, résilience

Dr. Bernard Ars, agrégé de l’Enseignement Supérieur. Dans une série de textes, le président de la FIAMC, le Prof. Dr. Bernard Ars, M.D., Ph.D. partage son point de vue sur l'anthropologie chrétienne, dont l'approfondissement et la diffusion est le deuxième des trois objectifs de sa

Robotique médicale: quelques repères éthiques

Bernard Ars et Dominique Lambert, Université de Namur Département Sciences-Philosophies-Sociétés 61 rue de Bruxelles B-5000 Namur (Belgique) Dans une série de textes, le président de la FIAMC, le Prof. Dr. Bernard Ars, M.D., Ph.D. partage son point de vue sur l'anthropologie chrétienne, dont l'approfondissement et

How do the Ethics of the Catholic Physicians differ from that of the Doctor who is an Atheist? 

In a series of texts, FIAMC president Prof. Dr. Bernard Ars, M.D., Ph.D. shares his views on christian anthropology, of which the deepening and diffusion is the second of the three objectives of his presidency, after strengthening the inner life of the catholic physician.  

People First

Caring for the Person Produces Better Outcomes Lecture given by Bernard Ars, MD, PhD., president of the World Federation of the Catholic Medical Associations (FIAMC), on September 21st in Rome, during the conference on Transformative Primary Care, orgnanized by Somos Community Care of New York

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