Video of the history until Zagreb 2018

# Year Venue Theme Elected officers :
President, Secr. Gen,
Treasurer, Vice-Pres.
1 1935 Brussels The role of physicians and
associations of Catholic physicians
in the Christian rebuilding of society
2 1936 Vienna Eugenics and sterilisation
3 1947 Lisbon Individual and Collective Medicine L. Gedda ?
4 1949 Rome The respect of the human being in medicine Dr. Grenet ?
5 1951 Paris The forming of the conscience in children L. Gedda
6 1954 Dublin Demography and its medical incidence Dr. Brennan ?
7 1956 The Hague The Physician and Law ?
8 1958 Brussels Christianity and Health P. Van Gehuchten ?
9 1960 Munich The physician in the technological world L. Gedda
10 1962 London The Catholic Physician in societies in evolution L. Gedda
11 1966 Manila The catholic Physicians and
the problems of the population
M. Alimurung, J. Farrrugia,
B. Wuermeling
12 1970 Washington The Catholic Physician
and the conservation of life
V. O’Sullivan, G. Papola,
R. Cavalieri
13 1974 Barcelona The freedom of the children of God G. Papola, deGheldere,
C. Vas
14 1978 Bombay The quality of life in a society in evolution G. Papola, C. Vas,
15 1982 Rome The Physician in Service of Life C. Vas, T.P. Linehan,
J. Kluyskens
16 1986 Buenos Aires The progress of Medicine
and respect for Human Life
T.P. Linehan, W. Osswald,
J. Kluyskens, H. Obiglio
17 1990 Bonn Biological nature and
dignity of the Human Person
T.P. Linehan, W. Osswald,
A. San Fillippo, H. Obiglio
18 1994 Porto The doctor and the New Evangelization W. Osswald, G. Gigli,
F. Blin, YW Bahk
19 1998 New York Medical Ethics in the Third Millenium
Christ’s Healing love
through the Gospel of Life
G. Gigli, F. Blin,
A. Ferrero, G. Isajiw
20 2000 Rome Medicine and human rights no elections
21 2002 Seoul Identity of the Catholic Doctor G. Gigli, F. Blin,
G. Isajiw, J.K. Kang
22 2006 Barcelona Catholic Physicians, Globalization, and Poverty J.M. Simon, S. Leone,
F. Diaz, J. Lee
23 2010 Lourdes Notre foi de médecin ???
24 2014 Manilla The Catholic Doctor in the an Era of Secularization and Technology ???
25 2018 Zagreb Sanctity of Life & the Medical Profession. From Humanae vitae to Laudato Si´ B. Ars, N. Waldis, E. Pavesi, J. Lane