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Pope: Technology must be at the service of humanity

Pope Francis addresses participants in a workshop hosted by the Pontifical Academy for Life on the relationship between the person, emerging technologies and the common good, and reiterates that progress of science and technology must always be at the service of human dignity and integral

Pope Francis on Rare Diseases

Pope calls for inclusion policies for people with rare diseases Meeting a delegation of the Italian Federation of Rare Diseases (UNIAMO), Pope Francis encourages the organization to continue its advocacy for a better quality and inclusive health service for those affected. By Lisa Zengarini (Vaticannews) Pope

Pope: Never forget our brothers and sisters with Hansen’s disease

In a message to participants in a seminar on Hansen’s disease (or ‘leprosy’) and other neglected tropical diseases, Pope Francis says we must ask ourselves, “Will we bend down to touch and heal the wounds of others?” By Christopher Wells (Vaticannews) “We must not forget these

Pope Francis: World Day of the Sick 2023

[ AR  - DE  - EN  - ES  - FR  - IT  - PL  - PT ] MESSAGE OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCISXXXI WORLD DAY OF THE SICK 11 February 2023 “Take care of him”Compassion as a synodal exercise of healing  Dear brothers and sisters! Illness is part of our human condition. Yet, if illness is experienced in isolation and abandonment,

Pope Francis: ‘Health is not a luxury’

Addressing a delegation of Italian radiographers, Pope Francis praises the work of healthcare professionals and calls on governments to ensure universal access to decent healthcare. By Lisa Zengarini (Vaticannews) “A world that discards the sick, which does not assist those who cannot afford treatment, is cynical

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Testamento spirituale del Papa Emerito Benedetto XVI

Testamento spirituale del Papa Emerito Benedetto XVI, 31.12.2022 Testo in lingua tedesca Traduzione in lingua italiana Testo in lingua tedesca 29. August 2006 Mein geistliches Testament Wenn ich in dieser späten Stunde meines Lebens auf die Jahrzehnte zurückschaue, die ich durchwandert habe, so sehe ich

Death of Pope Emeritus Benedict: his official biography

Following the announcement of the passing of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI on Saturday at the age of 95, we look back at his long life and its main highlights with the following official biography. By Vatican News Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Pope Benedict XVI, was born

Promemoria: Benedicto consagra la Sagrada Familia de Barcelona

Fotos: FIAMC Press Services --- Homilía del Santo Padre Benedicto XVI en la dedicación de la Sagrada Familia - Arzobispado de Barcelona ( REMEMBRANCE | internationalfiamc VISIT TO POPE´S HOME | internationalfiamc

Pope Francis asks for prayers for Benedict XVI

At the end of the General Audience, Pope Francis asks for “special prayers” for Benedict XVI “who is very ill.” The Holy See Press Office director confirms there has been an aggravation in his health condition but says the situation remains stable. By Linda Bordoni (Vaticannews)

Benedicto, fortaleza amable

Dr. José María Simón Castellví Presidente emérito de la FIAMC Los médicos católicos debemos mucho a Joseph Ratzinger, tanto cuando era Prefecto de la Fe como cuando ha ejercido como Vicario de Cristo. Su Fe es fuerte como la roca y su manera de actuar

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