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Lawyers and cracks in the transgender agenda

Written by Wanda SkowronskaMay 31st, 2024 Lawyers do not generally fare well in the Gospels. After all, we recall the most memorable attack on them, uttered by Christ: Woe to you lawyers also! For you load people with burdens hard to bear, and you yourselves

España: indignante sentencia del Tribunal Constitucional

Reacción pro-vida ante una indignante sentencia del Tribunal Constitucional TEMES D'AVUI junio 19, 2024 El 18 de junio, el Tribunal Constitucional (TC) de España dictó una sentencia rechazando el recurso de inconstitucionalidad interpuesto contra la ley Ley 1/2023 de salud sexual y reproductiva impulsada por la ministra

Poniendo en manos del Señor y de la Santísima Virgen María a médicos, enfermeras…

Dos memoriales de los niños no nacidos fueron bendecidos en Colombia 12 de junio de 2024 El primero en la Arquidiócesis de Bogotá, el 9 de junio, y el segundo, dos días después, en la Diócesis de Fontibón. Este signo de oración, reparación, perdón, esperanza y

Europe: Statement on the care for children with gender dysphoria ESCAP statement on the care for children and adolescents with gender dysphoria: an urgent need for safeguarding clinical, scientific, and ethical standards

Texas: Authentic Women’s Health

FACTS Annual Conference: Authentic Women’s Health You are invited to FACTS Annual Conference in Austin, Texas April 19-20, 2024. FacebookTwitterCompartir Categorised in: LOCAL/REGIONAL EVENTSFACTS Annual Conference: Authentic Women’s HealthJoin CMA’s Medical Missions Interest Group March 13th to Learn About Serving in Cambodia!CMA Men’s Physicians Retreat

Catholic Doctors Protecting Kids

Meet Catholic Doctors Protecting Kids by Combating Trans Ideology ‘People say that by affirming gender identification they are being loving. That is a lie. They are pushing them not to accept reality …’ Clockwise, L to R: Drs. Arthur de Lorimier, Patrick Hunter, Timothy Millea

Sexual Abuse of Minors-A critique

Anne Lastman Having recently read an article in Crux Catholic Journal (Feb 21/2024) titled “Long after the pope’s abuse summit, victims still traumatised by the system meant to address their cases.” This I would suggest is not unexpected.  At the end of the proceedings at

Do no harm: protecting minors from gender ideology

Protecting Minors from Gender Ideology Do No Harm: the core of the Hippocratic oath and the role of medical professionals. Nowhere is this commitment more important than the care of our children and teenagers, which is why we’re fighting to curtail the unscientific and individually

Combating pornography

Dear Friends,The year is off to a great start in the fight against pornography! As you know, the ECLJ is committed to fighting the pornographic plague. To this end, we have campaigned for the European Commission to subject the major pornographic sites to the reinforced controls set

A Catholic’s Perspective on Racism

A Catholic’s Perspective on Racism and Critical Race Theory October 17, 2023 Charles Peters, M.D. Catholic social teaching has a long and rich history which is firmly grounded on the three-legged stool of the principles of human dignity, solidarity and subsidiarity. The Church has spoken

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