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The Science Abortionists Don’t Want You To Know

Since Roe v. Wade was decided in 1973, we’ve seen amazing technological advancements in our computers and smartphones and medical advancements have seen parallel growth. How do those technological and medical advances affect the fight for life? Catholic Medical Association (USA) Board Member, Dr. Mary

A Response to Roe v Wade

Anne Lastman--- We live in very difficult times. I had a sense that “something” was due to happen soon. Heaven could not remain silent at the cry of the innocent and with the new “chatter,” that is, beginning of plotting a new law which would

Corte suprema USA: civiltà

LA CORTE SUPREMA USA E L’ABORTO: UNA PRONUNCIA DI CIVILTÀ GIU 25, 2022 La Corte Suprema ha giudicato – nella causa Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization[1] – la costituzionalità della legge Gestational Age Act, del 2018 dello Stato del Mississippi che vieta l’interruzione della gravidanza

The Overturning of Roe v Wade

  Our Work has just begun                                                          Anne Lastman What blessed news to wake up to.  After nearly 50 years of legally being able to kill in utero babies up to full term and beyond, the Supreme Court of the United States removed from pro abortionist

Roe versus Wade

Anne Lastman Social media exploded this past week. Not with the latest controversial TV show, star, and anything it might explode with an unexpected event.  The explosion has been something that I must admit not even I expected.  The overturning of that famously called Roe

Recemos por la Vida, recemos por la Paz

En la Solemnidad de la Anunciación de la Virgen María y el Día del Niño por Nacer: recemos por la Vida, recemos por La Paz Dra. Elena Passo Presidente del Consorcio de Médicos Católicos de Buenos Aires El 24 de febrero de 2022 el mundo

Un genocidio silencioso

Ya se habrá comprendido que hablamos del aborto. Como veremos, con la ciencia en la mano, el feto es un cuerpo distinto del de la madre embarazada. Las feministas desnortadas afirman que “con mi cuerpo hago lo que quiero”, dando por sentado que el feto

Event: Fostering the Dignity and Sanctity of Life in Healthcare

Life on Wheels clinics support women facing pregnancy crises

Dr. Matthew Phillips says Life on Wheels clinics support women facing pregnancy crises HADLEY HITSON   | Montgomery Advertiser 0:000:00Show Caption Dr. Matthew Phillips loves babies.  He and his wife, Camille, have had four of their own, and Phillips has spent his adult life delivering them for mothers

Doctors: Tech confirms abortion ‘takes life of unborn child’

Many of the arguments offered for the right to terminate life in the womb now eroded She is a Past President of the CMA-USA CompartirFacebookTwitterEmailPrintPUBLISHED: DECEMBER 28, 2021    BY JODI MARLINCATHOLIC NEWS SERVICE CNS PHOTO/THOMAS SERAFIN, COURTESY KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUSAn ultrasound is seen in

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