Anne Lastman

An article came across my desk which distressed me beyond belief.  It was written by a male (not that there is anything wrong with that) but he wrote about violence, domestic violence, abortion, and hypocrisy.  His inference is that society grieves about outward visual aspects of pain but not the invisible e.g., abortion, domestic violence. 

I don t know under which rock he has been hiding but I personally have written not only a book of on post abortion grief (Redeeming Grief and one on sexual abuse of children in the family, Hidden Pain), articles on domestic violence and other societal violence.

 I personally have written over 200 hundred articles covering all aspects of the abortion issue including, Abortion and child Abuse, Abortion and Family Pain, Abortion and Mental health Issues, Abortion for foetal abnormality, abortion and violence, abortion and its effects on Society, Abortion, an- new study, abortion and contraception, Go and Pick up the pieces, abortion and Violence, Abortion and Fatherhood, Rachel’s Women, Abortion and Law threat, Abortion and its after effects, Babies feel pain, Chinese abortion story, Church’s teaching on Life, A Manuscript written in Tears, Abortion and woman and child abuse, Abortion, family and society, Repentance and Forgiveness, In our Mourning we remember them, Men and abortion aftermath, My Brother’s Keeper…yes.  Abortion manual for University of Queensland (thesis for Masters Degree) many abortion pain articles, Abortion Grief , an honourable grief, Abortion and the Anawim, Holy Spirit The Lord and Giver of Life,  Link between sexual abuse and multiple abortions, Womb, the genesis of all compassion-Culture of life culture death, Vicarious Grief, Victorian Law Commission (submission) Grief in contemporary society, Women, the Secret of God, Abortion and Breast Cancer, Abortion and End of Life Grief, Abortion destroys Peace, Disenfranchised Grief,  and many more articles  for outlets  in Australia, Canada, America, Rome, spoken at two International Congresses of Families. I have received words of encouragement from two popes.  have received beautiful kind words urging me to continue with my work because “it’s the most important work in our day” from 3 Cardinals in Rome, I have given so many workshops on abortion too many to count. I have spoken at over 30 International conferences on grief in contemporary society, (on Abortion grief).  I have written a 250-word paragraph for another author’s book; I have spoken in every state in Australia except NT. I have written 157 issues of newsletter (Broken Branches).

This not all because it would take about 4 pages to write about the work that I myself have done in 27 years not only to make known about abortion killing babies, human beings, even women who suicided following their abortion and the deep wounds that abortion causes and the great loss which society experiences and endures with the loss of millions of babies. But other charisms both in Australia and overseas have also worked as hard to bring attention to violence of every nature.

The author says “Australia has its own caprices…it is perfectly legal and indeed it is sanctioned” Indeed it has been written about and many of us have sat in parliament when laws were debated but passed because the parliament was stacked with Emily’s Listers, feminist women who follow their American sisters. 

Abortion is not only financed by Medicare, but some by private funding so it remains unknown, but Planned Parenthood is financed by the wealthiest men on earth (Soros, Gates, et al) whilst the pro-life movement globally struggles to just pay the rent on their offices.  Why? because most pro-lifers, in suburbs, remain silent because it’s known that nearly everyone knows of someone who has had an abortion and therefore remain silent not to be “hypocritical.” And of course, we do not have multi-millionaires who are ready to put money into something which is not important to them.  Politicians refuse to touch this contentions topic because of lost votes, lost seats in parliament and lost prestige. Has abortion been sanctioned? Not by most people even those who remain silent but it is sanctioned by those women who have given up on their femininity and want to become like men. free. Pets will do for company. They want to have a career, substituting career for motherhood. It has been sanctioned by men who wanted to have sex without responsibility.  The pill has not been enough for them, abortion ensures that their baby conceived with their sperm is dead and no child support will be needed.

The author speaks about in utero abortion and post birth abortion. That is, abortion of late term infants who would survive if assisted. He speaks about babies who we know are born alive following a failed abortion procedure and not given assistance because the mother has demanded a dead baby.  I would like to tell this writer that the next step will be legalised infanticide until at least to two weeks and possibly 4 weeks post birth. Yes, this is an appalling evil and it will pass because not enough pro-lifers will get involved and get a million women to say “No we will not kill our babies. You will not kill our babies” 

Truth and love are spoken together says this author?  All pro-lifers speak truth and love for mothers and babies and fathers, siblings, grandparents, society. They speak the truth that every new creation is sacred   and created by God.  That is truth whether it is believed or not.  A truth is always a truth irrespective who speaks it. Interestingly Jesus was asked by Pilate “what is Truth?” (Jn 18:37) but Jesus did not answer that question. Pilate had not reached an understanding of truth because in its core it’s one of the three attributes of Jesus “I am the way, the truth and the Life” (Jn 14:6) and Pilate did not recognise the one who spoke the words. The closest that we can come to this is that in our beliefs and statements, behaviours and comments truth is what is believed without a minutiae of doubt. Truth is the way that Jesus would think and respond. “You shall surely not die” (lie), no truth in that, because death was the response of that lie.

Abortion and Domestic violence?

I have written and counselled much on this topic.  Violence has become a normal in our society. Our daily news services attest to this and bring this as a main daily diet of the way which society has lost its finesse as human beings, and it is my opinion that abortion is a contributing factor to this and domestic violence. Why? Several reasons. One because every child killed intentionally leaves behind a spark of sorrow hanging over every life and our atmosphere, and secondly because abortion in a family sets up an invisible barrier between a couple.  This of course occurs whether it is a family situation or a temporary encounter or relationship, which facilitates complete separations 

The author of the article which crossed my desk speaks of societal anger and scandal when speaking about domestic violence but without a whimper for this occurrence (abortion).  Perhaps it’s because the violence committed is against someone visible.  The description of the violence, by media, is very graphic. The language is very gruesome especially if images not permitted.  However, whilst domestic violence, or the murder of a visible woman or child is deeply mourned and regretted and a sense of sorrow and guilt is felt by society, the death of an in-utero child is a no-go situation. Indeed, the in-utero child is not even considered a human being just her “foetus” and not counted amongst the death statistics for the year.  Abortion is off the list of topics permitted unless it’s a protest to highlight the woman’s right to abortion.    

Today abortion procedures and the violence attendant to them are generally known.  Partial birth abortion, morning after pill, Mifepristone, Foetal intracardiac potassium chloride injection to cause immediate cardiac arrest, and the usual “curettage’ dismemberment.  All of us pro-lifers who have worked in this vineyard of horror and pain have spoken on these cruel methods and for a while, for the listener, there is a sense of horror felt but this sense passes almost immediately and back to usual. Why? Because if the same cruelty was perpetrated on a visible child, it could be seen and minutely described with a warning to viewers that these images may cause distress and cause global horror, but for the invisible child this occurs behind closed doors an unseen child killed because of some reason of unwantedness and its passing unrecorded.  This child has never existed. 

From conception, a baby’s essence is real, it’s a new and unique individual.   It cannot develop into anything other than a human person. It cannot develop into a cat a dog or a mouse. A human being is always a human being from all time.  An XY boy, an XX girl even though we are now trying to change this concept and change their gender. Gender is fluid, it is said, so it can change or be changed. Another offence against the creator, and another violation against humanity using children to wound and offend the heart of God. Changing what he has designed and attempting to again be gods. 

Society is confused because it has always been expected that doctors, gynaecologists have been known to tenderly care for the life of the woman and especially babies, families, and yet today abortion is one of their legal procedures and abortion facilities are made to look like medical centres or even whole floors in women’s hospitals designed for this procedure.  I do not call them medical centres or clinics or neonatal wards but a hidden facility using misnomers so that they fly under the radar without notice being taken about the macabre work that is done behind doors and done by those with medical qualifications who at graduation vowed “to do no harm.” these have become lies because the lure of money was too tempting to refuse and “do no harm.” 

 Human dignity has been traded in for 30 pieces of silver.  Or maybe 2 shillings.  There is a spiritual slumber which allows these monstrous activities to continue and gather momentum and until this spiritual blindness or slumber is completed human dignity will not be recognized and not much will change except to further the carnage we see.

What does the future hold?  Unless we change the culture from one of death to one of life nothing will change. Indeed, it will get worse, as we are seeing with the transgender issues, euthanasia issue, death penalty, human trafficking of children and women traded for sexual purposes and other murderous laws.  We now have calls to kill children in a more seductive way. The legalisation of sexual activities between adults and children. Those children who have escaped death as infants will now (if laws passed) “die” a death by psychological means.  It’s not only women who must change.  It is whole society which must relearn dignity. Learn that human beings are uniquely created. We of all of creation, learn that we can think and know that we can think (difference between human and beast) and are given the gift of choice, which makes us unique. Until this is understood and reclaimed nothing will change.  Trying to stop abortion with human mechanisms and laws will not work. New ways need to be found, but if it could be possible to find a way to change the culture we live in and have created, then we can slowly return to a culture which God desired for us. He will never again have to say that he regretted making human beings (Gen: 6-7)

The female has become the feminist because of the violence committed against her over time. “You will desire for your husband and he will lord it over you” (Gen 3:16).  Since time immemorial the man has lorded it over the woman and violated her femininity, beat her, demeaned her, made her a commodity, bartered her.  Now she has flown the coop she will not return to what was.  Her violence is a response to the violence perpetrated on her over time and abortion is her response. She has wanted to be freed from the constraints which tied her to violence and this she considered was being tied to her child and she will not now want to return to this.

Hypocrisy is considered by some who decry the violence committed in our midst, behind closed doors, and yet remain silent at the violence committed with impunity, with the assistance of laws, funded by government facilities and finances and the silence by humanity who believes that it is a “woman’s right” and “her body” to do as she wills. 

New studies really bring nothing new to the table.  More of the same information but this perhaps is a good thing because as new generations emerge it’s important that they learn what has gone on in recent past generations and maybe will listen to the whispers of God and begin the reversal, first by acknowledging the horror then by grieving for the billions of babies violently killed and then begin to change a culture which lost it way because movements against life and  technology which became the new gods considered more important than the human being with the spirit of God in them. 

Abortion grief has gradually formed a canopy of pain shrouding our society whilst the” why” of this was refused to be seen, even rebelled against, and when woman grieves, society grieves.  The health of society and the health of the church can be measured by the health of the one mandated to carry and for care life. She was trusted again by the Creator to continue life using His own template, Jesus. Her acceptance of life is a redemptive moment for her.

Abortion grief is the most painful grief a woman can experience because it can never be undone and the woman who acceded to abortion does not remain the same age as when she made that decision.  Time passes and a memory of what might have been remains.  Even at 85 years of age the last memory is “will God hate me? Will my daughter hate me. I am afraid to die”

Sadly, the author of that article on abortion, domestic violence and hypocrisy knows little about any of the topics he wrote about.  Just cited past materials written by others who have worked in the vineyard of pain.