The next international congress of the
World Federation of Catholic Medical Associations (FIAMC)
under the presidency of Professor Dr. Bernard Ars
will be held in Rome
September 15 – 17th, 2022
Venue: Augustinianum
Via Paolo VI 25, 00193 ROMA


Medicine: reparative or transformative ?

The mission of the christian physician.



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ARS FIAMC Congress 2022
IBAN : BE 94 6451 0861 8514

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Augustinianum, Rome (Screenshot Google Earth)

The FIAMC conference will be preceded immediately by the
MaterCare Conference “Mothers are Women too”
13-14 september 2022
at the Maria Santissima Bambina Institute,
nearby the Augustinianum, in Rome.

Both congresses, although organised independently, are seamlessly connected and can be attended consecutively.

FIAMC president Bernard Ars and MaterCare president Bogdan Chazan give you a warm welcome!

Presidents Bogdan Chazan & Bernard Ars

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Info & registration MaterCare conference: