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Forming Unlikely Allies for the Protection of Religious Liberty

BY DR. MATTHEW PECK As American Catholics, we know that the choices of our non-Catholic countrymen can have a significant impact on us. From the Know Nothing Party, to the murder of Fr. James Coyle, to the recent mistreatment of the Little Sisters of the

Faced with the ideological delusions of the moment, why Christianity?

Bernard Ars, M.D., Ph.D.. Version française ci-dessous.Versión en español a continuación Christianity is the religion based on the person, life and teaching of Jesus Christ.Christianity is defined by all the peoples where Christianity permeates cultural and social life.Secularization is a phenomenon expressed in two forms:

The Three Epochs of the Bride

    A Reflection Anne Lastman   The bride of Christ, humanity, has been growing and maturing through the ages and through epochs and in each era a member of the Most Holy Trinity has been the main celebrant and the main companion on this road

Medieval English Christian mystic about postpartum depression

Lessons from a Medieval English Christian mystic about postpartum depression Rogier van der Weyden | Public Domain Fr. Michael Rennier - published on 06/13/21 The fascinating life of Margery Kempe can inspire modern women to cope with and heal from mental illness. I’ve known mothers who, shortly

Pandemia: Encuentro, cuidado, solidaridad, cultura y mística

La pandemia nos ha golpeado, y lo sigue haciendo, de una manera desgarradora. Decimos pan-demia precisamente porque es global; no la llamamos simplemente epi-demia, como si fuese algo superficial. No, la covid-19, como el virus de la miseria y el virus de la indiferencia, son fenómenos globales y

La naturaleza obedece al Creador. ¿Y el Hombre?

LA NATURALEZA OBEDECE AL CREADOR DÁNDONOS SUS FRUTOS ¿Y EL HOMBRE? La Naturaleza obedece leyes de amor y da al ser humano su belleza, flores, paisajes, frutas, diversos servicios…: Los animales nos han dado durante siglos su fuerza, animales de labor, bueyes, caballos, asnos, camellos…,

Invitation for the renewal of our Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

This month of June, I cordially invite all catholics who practice medicine, to renew their consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as we did in Rome, 2019. "The consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus of catholics who practice medicine is a means and

May 29: Saint Paul VI

(FIAMC Pictures) Saint Paul VI’s Story Born near Brescia in northern Italy, Giovanni Battista Montini was the second of three sons. His father, Giorgio, was a lawyer, editor, and eventually a member of the Italian Chamber of Deputies. His mother, Giuditta, was very involved in

Garments of skin

Anne Lastman “Who is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?  You have made him a little lower than the angels and crowned him with glory and honour” (Ps 8:4) In the practice of our faith

The Ascension of Jesus to Heaven

Anne Lastman The Ascension of Jesus to heaven and its significance seem to carry only little importance in the western Christian faith. The Ascension is an experience of Jesus which is briefly written about by St Luke and in Acts of The Apostles (Lk 24:50-53,

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