91st Annual Educational Conference, September 8-10, 2022 

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The 2022 conference theme is: Searching for the Truth: Medicine, Morality, and the Media.

The 91st Annual Education Conference will highlight the intersection of medical practice, bioethics and morality and the pervasive effect of media and means of social communication. Catholic clinicians are always in the search of the truth in both the science of medicine and its application as enlightened by Christian faith. Medicine needs to be applied with the best evidence for safety and efficacy yet guided by Catholic moral principles that secure the protection of human dignity.

The conference will bring together clinicians, clergy and media experts to explore the great opportunities offered by the interplay of bioethics in the Catholic tradition and social media. Recognizing the intellectual and spiritual dangers involving media, the 2022 CMA Annual Education Conference seeks to allow the Light of Christ to reveal what is true, good, and just apart from the movements of malice and wickedness in our current age.Under the patronage of St. Paul, who no doubt would use every form of media to spread the Gospel, the conference will leave participants with a new appreciation of the beauty of their faith and their call to share it with all they encounter.

Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel

1550 Court Place
Denver, CO 80202
(303) 893-3333

CMA Room Block rate $199.00