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We cannot ignore the impending legalization of assisted suicide as if it did not affect us. It would bring spiritual death, a cheapening of human life, and a corrupting of the medical profession. It means making the pharmacists, doctors, nurses, family members, friends and society itself, accomplices in a suicide. Our task is to help prevent suicide and provide the very best palliative and hospice care for our terminally ill loved ones.

There are many citizens of this State who do not share our faith and for whom the clear Biblical teaching is not a convincing argument. To them, we make an appeal to reason: that this is bad legislation because it puts vulnerable people at risk and it promotes suicide. Click HERE to read some of the perilous flaws of this legislation:

We are asking our Catholic parishioners to help in this very challenging time. We feel confident that if the voters have a chance to hear about the flaws in this proposed legislation, they will vote No on Question 2. It all hinges on our ability to get the message out. You might ask people if they have heard about Question 2, and tell them you would like to read the card with some of the reasons that medical organizations, disability groups, and other community leaders are voting no.Here are sample texts that you can use to e-mail folks, post on Facebook, Twitter or Google-Plus. If you are on Twitter, please follow me at @CardinalSean and retweet my messages about Question 2. I would not be asking this of you if it were not so critical. I would hope that each of us would try to reach at least 10 people with this message.

I am asking you to join me and to partner with so many medical and disability groups to stop assisted suicide by Voting No on Question 2 this Election Day.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Archbishop of Boston



Assisted Suicide Measure Defeated

November 07, 2012

Opponents of assisted suicide won an important victory in Massachusetts on November 6. Question 2, a ballot initiative to legalize assisted suicide, was defeated 51-49 percent. Members of the Catholic Medical Association’s Worcester Guild were leaders in this critical and successful battle. Congratulations to John Howland, M.D., and Mark Rollo, M.D., and to all who worked hard on this issue.