EVENT DATE: September 28, 2023

Revitalizing Women’s Healthcare Together

You’re invited to Revitalizing Women’s Healthcare Together, a conference presented by FACTS About Fertility, Inc. and The Institute of Restorative Reproductive Medicine of America. Presentations will include topics like migraines and the menstrual cycle, updates on low-dose naltrexone use in reproductive health, immunological considerations, the latest in FemTech, and RRM through an integrative medicine lens. Join us as our expert speakers present real-life cases covering topics such as fertility, menstrual disorders, endometritis, and more. Through interactive discussions and engaging presentations, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and insights that will inform and inspire your work in both reproductive and women’s health. Learn more and register here: https://www.factsaboutfertility.org/revitalizing-womens-health/

Link to the promo materials: https://www.factsaboutfertility.org/revitalizing-womens-health/2023-conference-promo-materials/