Anne Lastman

As I read and look around our society, I am noticing that abortion seems to have taken a back seat or being put on the slow burner.  Yes, there are some organisations which still attempt to speak about abortion and mostly to request donations to continue the work, but the voices seem to have become quieter and same stories repeated by the active prolife organisations.  what seems has taken over is the transgender issue. Perhaps the abortion issue has been around so long and spoken about so much that a deafening of the ear has occurred.

Personally, what I believe, is that transgenderism is yet another offshoot of the abortion industry and we will continue to see more attacks against life. Newer and crueller than the last one.

The reason I say that it’s all tied to the abortion issue is because since 1930 (Lambeth Conference) where contraception, first quietly snuck into the bedroom of married couples who wanted to space out their number of children, and then slowly being introduced into society under the guise of compassion, abortion became a spoken word. Following this a slowly leading to changed mind and understanding of both society and especially woman, whose understanding of herself also changed.   

Previously she had understood that her femininity was her charism and joy.  That joy of carrying of her child slowly changed first by rejection via contraception, followed by abortion if contraception failed. Contraception and abortion still hidden behind locked doors (both shameful actions) but then followed by slow and deliberate debut into society with the excuse that contraception was to help husband and wife control their fertility and abortion was a compassionate action when contraception failed. 

The so-called compassionate need for abortion then became more acceptable because slowly the word “abortion” entered the vocabulary of society.  Abortion began to be discussed openly that up to a certain early stage, at first up10-12 weeks “it” was still a bunch of cells, tissue, embryo (without understanding what an embryo was/is).  This then was followed up to a stage where the woman has a “right” to her own body and a right to be rid of the “parasite” which had taken residence there. This then followed by the idea that if abortion was acceptable to later stage e.g., 18 weeks, it could follow that abortion to late term should be still the woman’s right, though disturbing, but at times a necessity especially if husband or boyfriend abandoned the woman, or if child’s disability has been missed and child birthed was “defective” (Karen). So, abortion to full term was fought for and made legal.  Finally leading to next step of post birth abortion, meaning infant born alive as a result of an attempted abortion procedure was not assisted like any other premature or unwell infant who were “wanted” and thus left to die unaided. The “unwanted factors” fuelling the abortion history.

As we can see there has been a timeline which has been followed and it’s been intentional.  Slowly, flying under the radar, “women,” not men led the attack against their own children.  An attack on the one whose presence within her body is her yes to her femininity and redemption. Tragically one that does not call her creation a “baby” but now “parasite.”

I remember someone once said, “if you accept abortion, you must also accept euthanasia” and so indeed it has come to pass. Euthanasia, running parallel with abortion.  From the youngest weak ones to the eldest, disabled, sick, unstable ones deemed unworthy to be supported, euthanasia to be permitted. This then leading to coercion and demands that euthanasia and assisted suicide be made available to anyone who wants them. They have a right to the autonomy of own body and to choose when they die with so called “dignity.” Like the abortion mantra (it’s my body and I’ll do what I want) these anti life decisions and acts also, like abortion, introduced slowly very slowly and under the guise of compassion.

Euthanasia /assisted suicide for compassionate reasons.  Euthanasia was to be for very sick and those suffering unrelenting pain, euthanasia for disabled and a burden on family, government, and society, leading to euthanasia for youth and even children and infants.  It was said “we euthanize animals when they are suffering why not people? Why do we let them suffer?” A human being now compared with an animal.  Example removing life support of little ones by law.  Euthanasia because it’s demanded by teenager because of his depression thus making euthanasia now part of the death society, for all with its own language, its own rituals, its own acceptance, and demand by law. The disposable society where the inconvenient are permanently disposed of.  

Perhaps some of us thought that we had reached the end ways for the disposal of unwanted human beings.  Well, we haven’t.  We now face the transgender issue. An issue so horrific that it confounds the human mind. It seems that satan has really set out to destroy humanity, the future, and life which is the mystery of God.  It seems, that because Jesus was born into the human condition, that condition must be destroyed in order to again attempt to oust God and demand his own “glory.”

As I look into this new attempt to destroy “Adam” we can see that the sequence has gone from rejection, (contraception) to killing of very tiny infants, to the destruction of those just a little older in gestational  age followed by later term gestation, followed by full term gestation, followed by  post birth abortion of those infants born alive following abortion attempt but then left to die because the mother has demanded a dead baby, and now this new and more grotesque method of assaulting the child and society by insisting and passing into law the idea that gender is fluid and can be changed at whatever age and stage.  Mutilation of the body (forbidden by God) of boy or girl at the whim of parents, or even the child, this with the assistance of the medical profession and state. (Lev 19:28, 1Cor3:16-17,6:19-20) Our temples are holy.

All along the sequence of events it was innocence which was being destroyed. Innocence embodied in flesh.  The destruction of children who are the future, and now for those who have survived this sequential destruction, intentional abortion, the new mode of death, the attempting to change the design as it was intended to be. So that the future cannot continue to be fruitful and multiply. Male and Female he created them.  

The new gods of our time have determined that the gender of each human being is fluid and changeable.  And in a short time, it has taken root and been accepted, demanded acceptance, and indeed carried out and made legal. Sadly again, as with abortion, assisted suicide, euthanasia, this too with the assistance of the medical profession and the law and acquiescence by parents, this has gathered momentum. Emotional, psychological, physical, changes but still the internal design will not respond to the changes.  The nature of the male and female is different. Different understanding, different thought, different feelings, different perspective, different perception, irrespective of the change in genitalia, the internal cannot ever be changed even with new hormonal infusion.  

Gender Dysphoria and the normalisation of this as a lifestyle choice and promoted within halls of academia, especially in the fields of human development, psychology, psychiatry, as well educational institutions, and infiltration into schools, with the support of medicine and law, have made gender dysphoria, once a strictly mental health condition, now within the realm of the courts and government bodies. This new attack against the body is indeed an assault against the body of Jesus.  The same assault as the scourging whose aim was the submission and physical suffering inflicted on this created being and further all created beings. The beautiful original body designed by God Himself. This to mock the Creator.

Because the law has now become involved in this monstrous activity, reputedly for the protection of children who want to change their gender and must be protected from family and those whose attempt to help their child has been forbidden, has led to this newer form abuse. Threat to parents and others leaving the control of this change to state and institutions and its idealisation, and the offer of “sanctuary” for the child, just as abortion/euthanasia/assisted suicide, were/are also protected against all interference. Thus, all these together forming a culture averse to anything made of and for glory.

 All the new and novel ideas about death have led to an understanding that the human being is nothing more than expandable “bunch of cells” (said of beginning of life-re abortion) and the possibility of a return to the times of Noah and the patriarchs. Morality and moral structures at that time had reached such diminished stage where God regretted having created the creature and where divine intervention became necessary.

We should not even be surprised at this latest form of human abuse. No, because it ensured its availability and progress from the moment contraception entered the bedroom, which was an intentional NO to children, abortion was then accepted as normal and became enshrined in law. Have we come to the end of human and human body abuse? No, I don’t believe so, there is another greater indignity to come and its in the earliest stages now.
Can we stop this death /destruction of humanity?  I am not sure.  I suspect a huge miracle is needed before the new and more violent and grotesque form of death of innocence and life and future are encapsulated within that abyss of death.

How and why did this road of death begin? What caused such a slow and sinister and methodical road to be taken?  Some would say the idea of freedom of woman from past slavery.  The slow freedom first of woman, and then all women to be free from what they thought to be slavery from the demands of family and the demands by men of women, and of course the feeling of freedom from having to carry in her body children, now not considered a blessing but an inconvenience.  

Having reached the free for all love ins, woman throwing off her bra of the 1960s revolution, which was symbolic of her rebellion against the design she was specifically created for. She rejected her design again for a “mess of pottage.” Instead of womanhood, motherhood, life bearer, the redemptive work of woman, she chose the much lesser than her dignity deserved. She changed her design, and we are seeing the results of that change today.   It has been written and said that woman sinned first and accepting her beautiful role of helping the creation of life, carrying forth life, feeding life from her own body and protecting life was the method designed for redemption of all because in her body she would in time carry the Redeemer.  Sadly, she has returned to the womb of “Eve” and we know this because woman has again said No to life and Yes to death. 

The thread which can be seen throughout the destruction of life is again woman wanting a “fruit” not intended for her. Self-idolatry. The man again, as in the garden, remaining silent.  The fruit of the union of man and woman rejected, whilst the death union embraced, and finally the change of design of the human as originally created, so that the new idea of creation becomes a sterile union.  

Rejection, abortion, euthanasia, sterility of unnatural unions, and finally sterility by the changing of gender.  As the envious one might hope it is a “fait accompli” But it isn’t because with God there is always a winning response.

I started this writing by saying that the culture of death began in the 1930s.  Of course, this is not to say that abortion, suicides, assisted dying, euthanasia, have not existed before in past history. All these existed since time began and sin entered humanity.  But what modern society, through woman and man have accomplished is the legal status and permission and demands to be able to freely kill new life, preborn infants, elderly, frail, and finally find a way to mutilate the body which creates and carries forward life.  The same body which Jesus took on with its limitations, emotions, love, pain, blessings.  He was one like the human His father created in the beginning. His body was like that of a human but of course without sin.  

Throughout time the sterile one (satan) has attacked the creation of life and of the future which was given to lower human beings.  One created lower than the Angels (Ps. 8.) man and woman, and satan has never been able to accept that life, love, and innocence were given to those lower than himself.

Finally, how did we end up here, first through unwantedness of life, that is rejection, (contraception) followed by enforced unwantedness and rejection (abortion) followed by all other manner of unwantedness (sterile unions) All in all unwantedness and rejection of life as happened in the garden.

Perhaps one could say that for “Eve” that apple must have looked and tasted good because that apple is being tasted again this day.