In the fight against AIDS is not curbed promiscuity

The priest Juan José Pérez-Soba, a professor of moral theology at the Theological Faculty of St. Damasus, Madrid, lamented that the campaigns against AIDS promiscuity


The priest Juan José Pérez-Soba, a professor of moral theology at the Theological Faculty of St. Damasus, Madrid, and at the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family, lamented that the campaigns against AIDS promiscuity not fight and focus on promoting the use of condoms, because that would not attack the root of the problem.

In an interview with CNA under 30 years of the discovery of the disease, said Perez-Soba ” it is absurd to reject from the outset that in a sexually transmitted disease the major cause of its size and spread is promiscuous and do not take effective measures to reduce it. ” “It is even more serious to the extent that information is hidden and conveys the idea that condoms are quite effective to prevent the spread which is false “because if so” any pharmaceutical company would be forced to withdraw a drug that had the condom effectiveness regarding the spread of AIDS ” he said.

The priest used the example of the difference in the drug fight between AIDS and smoking, “would be a profound mistake to want to tackle the health problem is smoking filter nozzles delivering heavy smokers because they think it is impossible to quit and leave to pursue this objective. ” The expert said that the Catholic Church does not consider the condom as the true solution to AIDS since it “is a sexually transmitted disease” and “therefore, authentic vision pandemic is to reduce risk behaviors expansion and risk reduction in these behaviors.

” Furthermore, “gives a false sense of security that increases risk behavior for what it is actually harmful for the treatment of the phenomenon of AIDS as a public health issue, “he said. The disease of AIDS, said Perez-Soba, “today we live in a sexual revolution, which emphasizes the idea that it is impossible not having sex, these are ethically neutral and that it simply has to provide information to make safe sex. ” “It is clear that in this way is to provide a technical solution to a moral problem that is the true meaning of human sexuality, “he said.

In a world where sexuality is reduced “to a mere manipulatives, a market society that promotes a multi-media consumption of sex and some technical resources that promise maximum effectiveness for the consequences sexual acts “, it is easy to deplore the stance of the Church which” emphasizes the responsibility of individuals and the moral significance of human acts, “a position that can occur easily as” retrograde, outside the world, and unable to meet the challenges of science, “he lamented. AIDS is one of the issues “that can be seen more easily terrible ideology of our society,” he said. On May 24, the priest Juan José Pérez- Soba published an article in the Vatican newspaper LOsservatore Romano in which he explained that the best we can do spouses when one partner has AIDS Abstinence and condom use that not only is not a solution to the problem but also involves an ethical problem. In the article stated that “we should remember that although condom use in a single act of intercourse may have some efficacy in preventing the spread of AIDS, this does not guarantee absolute safety even in the act in question, and even less in the field of lifelong sexual partner. ” He also explained that its use is not recommended because it also entails an ethical problem: “a sexual act with a condom can not be considered an act fully married to the extent that has been deliberately deprived of its inherent meanings. “+

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