March 31, 2016

The trauma of rape is severe, and so often results in an unplanned pregnancy. Compassion must be provided to the victim who has been raped, but at the same time, be mindful a human life may have been conceived and cannot be attacked or destroyed. Compassion, support, and understanding should always be offered by medical professionals and law enforcement.  If conception results from rape, the most compassionate response is to walk with the woman through the pregnancy, and support her in the physical and emotional challenges. In such a difficult situation, her traumatic circumstances may turn into a life- giving and healing experience when she is engulfed in love and care. Authentic health care is is only health care if it adheres to these principles. Those who live out the vocation of Catholic health care are called to take the lead in promoting these principles, especially when faced with conflicting, difficult medical dilemmas.

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