Pro-Life Urologists – Time to Stand Up for Life!

An editorial piece in the Journal of Urology (JU Forum – “Taking a Stand: No Conferences in Anti-abortion States” 2023: 210 (5): 728-730) advocates for a boycott against holding AUA conferences in any state that fails to endorse abortion-on-demand. They call for moving the site of the 2024 AUA convention away from San Antonio, Texas, as well as relocating the convention of the Society of Urologic Oncology, scheduled for Dallas later next year. They postulate implausibly that nearly half (48.3%) of all female surgeons may expect to experience a major complication during their pregnancy. Attending a 4-day conference, without abortion immediately available, would place every expectant urologist at risk of a “potential for sudden, devastating and catastrophic events to occur at any point.”

These authors are not slow to play their full hand. Not satisfied with advocating unlimited abortion on demand throughout the entire pregnancy, the authors envision this initiative as a wedge to promote the entire Woke agenda – including considerations, such as “LGBTQIA+ safety and open carry laws, which are also of importance to a diverse and international membership like the AUA.”

Heretofore, AUA has wisely focused its legislative advocacy on policy issues strictly related the evaluation and treatment of urological patients. Should the AUA now choose to broach highly controversial social issues, especially ones related only tangentially, at best, to the practice of urology, it would more acceptable if it did so in the context of a true forum, allowing full, open discussion of divergent viewpoints. Meanwhile, this divisive, highly impractical call for the last-minute, costly relocation of two major international conferences smacks more of an impotent tantrum than a skillful political maneuver. Calling for a boycott of all of Texas betrays the weakness of these pro-abortion advocates.  If they had overwhelming support, they would be calling supporters to vote with their votes, rather than “vote with their wallets.”

The anti-abortion legislation in Texas and other states has been placed there, freely and proudly, by the pro-life citizens of that state, many of whom are women. These laws represent not an archaic vestige, but rather a still deeply held, highly principled determination on the part of the Texan electorate.  

We pro-life voters advocate for the protection of all women. Indeed, we start protecting them nine months in life before pro-choicers do.  We support effective, caring concern both for the pregnant mother and for her unborn daughter – truly inclusive care.

I urge all pro-life urologists, along with many committed others, to act on the courage of their convictions, unintimidated by cancellation culture. Let’s take a bold stand in support of the smallest, most defenseless of our patients and their mothers – and fathers, too!


-> Contact the editor of the Journal of Urology, to express disappointment that they would exploit this “Forum” for the very partisan, one-sided promotion of an extremist agenda. 

D. Robert Siemens, MD – Editor, Journal of Urology,

 Empire 4, 76 Stuart St, Kingston, ON K7L 2V7, Canada

-> Contact the president of the American Urological Association, to express your opposition to this call to relocate upcoming AUA conventions based on support for unrestricted abortion.Randall Meacham, MDDivision of Urology 12631 E 17th Ave C-319Aurora, CO

-> Contact the president-elect of the Society of Urologic Oncology, to express your opposition to this call to relocate the upcoming SUO convention, based on support for unrestricted abortion. Daniel W. Lin, MD University of Washington
Department of Urology
1959 NE Pacific, BB1106 B
Campus Box 356510
Seattle, WA 98195 

Thank you.

Richard A. Watson, M.D., FACS
Professor of Urology – Hackensack Meridian School of MedicineDepartment of Urology
360 Essex Street, Suite 403, Hackensack, NJ 07601T: 551-996-1223 | F: 551-996-8221

Note: These comments are my own and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Department of Urology or Hackensack University Medical Center.

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Dr. Richard Watson is past President of the Catholic Medical Association USA