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III Young Catholic Doctors International Meeting Fully Booked !

This week's III Young Catholic Doctors International Meeting, held during the World Youth Days 2023 in Lisbon, was a great succes! The Symposium, on Wednesday, August 2nd in the afternoon had as theme: “Stand Up and Go” (Luke 17:19) and welcomed medical students, young doctors,

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Catholic Doctor of the Year

We are accepting applications for the 2023 Catholic Doctor of the Year! To submit the name of a qualified doctor(s) for consideration fill out an application form online or download and complete an application and send it to Mission Doctors. All forms are due by July 15, 2023, by

Santos que evangelizaron la salud

De san Juan de Dios a santa Teresa de Calcuta: 25 santos que evangelizaron a través de la salud Todos fueron personas comprometidas con el cuidado de los demás, que trabajaron en el ámbito sanitario y vivieron su labor profundamente marcados por el Evangelio Guillermo

Gender Ideology Breaches the Gates of Medicine

Science is incapable of resolving the debate about treatments for childhood gender dysphoria. James O. Breen, M.D. If you relied exclusively on the legacy media for the news, you’d never know that, recently, the Catholic Medical Association (USA), along with other faith-and-reason-based medical organizations, issued

Pope Francis: ‘Health is not a luxury’

Addressing a delegation of Italian radiographers, Pope Francis praises the work of healthcare professionals and calls on governments to ensure universal access to decent healthcare. By Lisa Zengarini (Vaticannews) “A world that discards the sick, which does not assist those who cannot afford treatment, is cynical

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Education of the Catholic Practicing Medicine

"EDUCATION OF THE CATHOLIC PRACTICING MEDICINE" is a text by Prof. Dr. Benard Ars, President of the World Federation of Catholiques Physicians, made available in five languages to the participants of the 26th World Congress of Catholic Physicians that took place in Rome, Institute Augustinianum,

The Call to Physician Advocacy in the Public Square

Physician as Advocate: Defending Scientific Truth in the Public Square BY TOM VENZOR Physician advocacy is everywhere. It happens daily in the clinical setting when physicians advocate for their patients in the doctor-patient relationship. It happens regularly in committee meetings with the implementation and development

Annual conference and Scientific meeting of the Nigerian Association – Program

In a few days, the Association of Catholic Medical Practitioners of Nigeria (ACMPN) will have it's 16th National Conference: Theme: Strategies for Improving Health Worker Status in a Challenging World. 15th-16th July, 2022, via Zoom With a Goodwill Massage from FIAMC president Bernard Ars Registration

A Medical Vocation Today

Annals of Bioethics & Clinical Applications  MEDWIN PUBLISHERS ISSN: 2691-5774  Committed to Create Value for Researchers  Is a Medical Vocation Possible Today? Is a Christian Medical Vocation Possible Today?  Pilar Nunez Cubero M1,2*   1Department of Bioethics, Comillas Pontifical University University, Spain 2Department of Philosophy, Ramon

Healthcare: Strength in Unity

CHCLA: Strength in Unity BY STEVEN WHITE, M.D. We are confronted with very significant challenges in healthcare in America today. In addition to the ongoing dire circumstances that have arisen as a consequence of dealing with the Covid pandemic, we are now facing an existential

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