Analise D Mello MBBS, MS obgyn, DNB

Thus it is written that the Christ would suffer
and rise from the dead on the third day
and that repentance, for the forgiveness of sins,
would be preached in his name
to all the nations, beginning from Jerusalem.
You are witnesses of these things.”

I am witness to this and so are you for the last 35 years of my life!

I stand up in faith and renew my baptismal vows with a candle and standing with many other faithful at midnight. As easter has passed, my new found love for vegetarianism and healthy meals has caught me to work harder on my life !

My willpower in avoiding unhealthy stuff and avodiing habits , has made me realise I am resilient and the fact that I had a 45 day streak on the hallow app , praying everyday for 10 minutes along with a prerecorded voice made me figure a prayer routine I can use!

Yes Lent is supposed to be a cleansing and revamping of our spiritual lives and following the faith and proclaiming it — yes it has been for me , explaining why I abstain for this time period! the 5 day break from work n spending with family and friends to celebrate easter has been a much needed reality check on how I need to use my work life as just that and focus on being a better human and spread my faith more …

So lets use this time to celebrate the resurrection of the Lord.

We are EASTER people! Let us Rejoice !

About the Author

Hello! I’m Dr Analise Maria D’ Mello, (MBBS, MS obgyn, DNB) from the beautiful state of Goa in India. I was born and raised in a Roman Catholic family, learning my prayers, catechism and Catholic values from my parents and grandmothers. I am currently practicing as an obstetrician and gynecologist for 3 years since my residency. I often speak on anti-abortion to college students and married couples, and counsel distressed pregnant women with appropriate medical advice. I am part of the St Luke’s Medical Guild of Catholic Doctors in my state providing services in prisons, and Lenten and advent retreats for medical professionals and their families.