Anne Lastman

Pondering over something one of my friend’s daughters said “auntie there are some kids who have started dressing and saying that they aren’t really human but “cat” “bear” “mouse” even “dog”. They say that they feel like these animals and want to be them. Inside they feel like a cat!! Why would they want to be like an animal and not like themselves?  I’m scared for them and us” These words from a young 15-year-old in year 11 at school and this is happening and teachers, according to her “aren’t even saying anything because we are told we have to respect that these people want identify as their choice of animal.

As I sat with a cup of black Italian coffee, I began to think why could this be? Why would a school which previously wouldn’t permit a hemline above the knee, change of hair colour, glitzy jewellery to be worn at school, suddenly want to accommodate children who identify as “cat” “dog” or another animal.  Why is there such an intent on changing the human person?

Has the decision been made to wait till the mid to older generations pass away while stealthily working to introduce the ultimate indignity against the human being created in the image and likeness of God (Gen.1:27) and an assault against the very dignity of God himself? And thus, the final assault being slowly and subtly prepared, and now begins to be put in place?  Are we seeing the physical beginnings of such an assault?

Perhaps an idea on how we have gotten to this place. A reprise of times and events past. Of course, not year by year or all events past, but a summary of what may have led to what we are seeing today.

Beginning with an overt rejection of children, early 20th century, even within marriage (“the Pill” 1930s at the Lambeth Conference) where for first time the Anglican Church broke away from Catholic church and permitted contraception within marriage.

Following this enormous change, began the emergence of the sexual revolution and what was once thought important, sacred and precious to one’s being was suddenly open for use when wanted. Following the advent of the “pill” and the sexual revolution, abortion began to be used as a method of contraception.  Where the “Pill” failed and conception was unwanted abortion could be used for the disposal of baby.

Abortion was to remain silent and what is thought to have been “done” but on the quiet because it could still not be thought or believed that babies could be killed (and it was known that pregnancy meant a baby and not a bunch of cells), and so slowly and more clever tactics had to be used.  Also, it could not be seen that children were unwanted and this actually meant that even very small ones, not considered human yet could be disposed of. Not children yet,  just thought potential or future children. Children to grow but still not children and disposal of them was not harmful to child or its mother, father and even maybe society because they weren’t children yet.

This was followed by the demand for actual abortion but only for the hard cases.  The first determination to kill in utero conceptions was that they were not human but potential humans, followed by abortion for the “hard cases” that is, rape, incest, harm to mother, disability.  Indeed, these were reasons to be able to abort because their conception was flawed and an aberration and deserved to be aborted.  Each hard case was sold to human society as a right for the woman to be freed from such a disaster/monster.

Those openly calling for abortion were of course considered compassionate and the small beginnings of protestors demanding that a woman has a right not to carry something in her body which was not wanted there.  It was her body and if she didn’t want the “parasite” which had attached itself there then she had a right to be rid of it.  

The protests began to slowly alert society to what was happening.  The killing of children in the womb, and society for the most part  (except for a few with courage began to say no. It’s a human being with all its rights to life)  did not raise a voice that human children were being killed because they were unwanted.  The sexual revolution led to open and free sexuality, murder of small children that were conceived because of an act of its parents.  This perhaps because the “Pill” hadn’t worked. Or was forgotten to be taken. Or condom was faulty or even forgotten or even unwanted and a desire to experience the sexual encounter without a cumbersome latex sheath which was surely a spoiler of instant gratification, but without thought that a child might be conceived from that one encounter. 

That an unexpected consequence (baby) might be the outcome of that one experience without the latex was losing its sense of “wrong” and this also because the honour and respect which man felt for woman had also slowly eroded.  Her taking the “Pill” gave him and her own self permission to engage in intimacy without consequences. And of course, there was abortion which could easily fix the problem and could be demanded by both male and female. And society slept.  The core of honour of society (life) was being eroded and yet they slept.  “it’s their problem not mine”

So, from rejection of children, “the Pill” even within marriage with church approval, and with church silence, led to a change in society where children when conceived and not wanted lost their right to life. To be born and live as God had intended. And still there was an overall silence by the population.  It was “someone else’s problem not mine” “I wouldn’t do it but it’s her life and she should be able to do as she wants” became the mantra and the reason to sleep.

And then came the time of the feminist movement. That bra tossing experience which for all intents and purposes freed the woman from the so-called drudgery of marriage, kitchen, family, and children, and freed her to become or be as she wanted. She had “a right to do as she wanted and she wanted to do as she wanted and when she wanted, and not be tied down to some man’s orders and rules and kitchen duties, and child duties. She wanted to be herself and wanted to “find” herself” And still society slept.

Whilst most of society were sleeping, the feminist movement grew, at first slowly and quietly and then exponentially.  It was a woman’s body and she could do what she wanted. If she conceived, she didn’t have to have it because it was her body and “it was a parasite” or as some so-called famous movie star recently said “there should be abortion because what was within her body is toxic” this said of an infant in the womb.

The protestors became louder but were somewhat thwarted by growing pro-life voices which began to be heard and voices of women who had experienced the loss of her baby and their grief and pain, but still the larger society remained silent and fast asleep “It’s a woman’s body”

The law of course  was tacitly involved but officers were having coffee whilst the child was dismembered and its mother in a twilight state and the father outside having a cigarette and a coffee with the police officer who was there to ensure that “pro-lifers” caused no disturbances,  after all it was a good thing which was happening inside those facilities because it meant that the abortion (killing of baby) was done in sterile conditions rather than done by herself using coat hangers and then infections and maybe even death of the woman.  

It was unspoken that the reason that the mothers didn’t die was not so much sterile conditions but the antibiotics she left the facility with.  She left with a receipt for payment to the doctor who performed the killing of the child (precedent Mengele perhaps?) and a prescription for antibiotics to be taken immediately to ensure that no infection might occur.

And so, abortion, because it was still illegal, became the demand of the feminist brigade.  It was to be made legal so that doctors, nurses, woman, or anyone who participated in the death of the child would not be prosecuted.  Or as they might say “persecuted” and even as the loud and louder voices of the feminist movement, which was formed originally to make life easier for the woman, changed the mantra to “it’s my body I’ll do what I want” “it’s a parasite. I don’t want a parasite growing in me” “take your rosaries of my ovaries” “churches mind your business this is a woman’s thing” 

And still society slept 

At first legal abortion to 12 weeks as demanded for safety of mother, hard cases but also for no reason at all.  Followed by 16 weeks followed by 24 weeks followed to full term. Followed by post birth, that is, if a child is born alive following a botched abortion it could not be assisted and was to be left to die because the mother had demanded an abortion, a dead baby. Even a viable, separate entity, baby could not be assisted and left whimpering in the sluice room because it was demanded to be a dead baby.

And society slept.  No, it couldn’t and doesn’t t happen was said. 

Of course, the pro-abortion, pro-choice, protests grew exponentially. Annual marches for abortion rights grew with their placards demanding their right to open and free abortion because it was her body and no one had a right to tell her what to do with her own body. Women’s right to abortion no expenses saved.  Funding for abortion rights having no limits. Organisations dedicated to death of babies believed differently about saving the whale, tree mouse, black spotted gnat, became very vocal and assisted by organisations like FP and dollars without limits human infants were killed.  And Still society slept

If asked why it’s important to want to kill babies no real plausible answer was available just that woman had a right to her body and a dead baby if she didn’t want it.  Population control?  Why? Will human beings fall off the side of the round planet? How can an empty planet not sustain life? Or perhaps the illusion that by disposal of human beings there might be some increase in wallet size?

Who knows why feminists want babies killed? Women wanting to kill a part of themselves? Women wanting to hurt other women? Women wanting to harm other women. Women who want to abuse other women? It unbelievable. And still society sleeps. 

Is it a hidden desire to lead woman to refuse permission to her body for her womb to do its work? To create. There is no answer, and for the male whose role was to be the anchor and strength of society who sheltered, protected and honoured his wife and children there has emerged a loss of all these things. He slept whilst the one created from his own Rib” (Gen.2:22) was abused, assaulted, harmed? Where was he? What happened to him? Why didn’t he rebel at the slaughter of his unique part of self, his creation, his son/daughter? Like Adam, he was asleep whilst the serpent worked. This serpent in the form of again female (Eve) rejection of her call to “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth” This serpent again promised liberation.

It would seem that reaching the stage of killing infants to full term and offering child as sacrifice to the god Molech had reached the pinnacle of assault against the image and likeness of the creator. But no there is still has more to come.

 It seems that now the final assault is on those children who escaped the death by dismemberment are the next and perhaps even more gruesome final target. Gender confusion.  No longer 2 genders male and female as God created them (Gen.1:27) but variants of these and at last count 72 genders and laws emerging which demand acknowledgement and accepting (perhaps even with gratitude) those who identify as any gender and of course respecting these choices and incorporating them into our society as “normal” human beings who simply are different.  A new horror against life. A new way of disposal of children because transgender in the truest sense of the word is sterile. just like all other sexual variations which silently emerged whilst society slept And yet this is to be respected and accepted and acknowledged and so death of babies and the abortion industry continues under a different banner. Different name, different language. This will give us who sleep a peaceful life to be able to continue sleeping. Transgender and gender reassignment and all other manipulation of gender render those involved sterile. If not death or disabled or emotionally, psychological death. 

It seems that all the way through there has been an assault both on male and female, sexuality and their “fruit.” It seems that all the way from creation, through envy of the human being created in the image of their creator and image of the creator’s son (Jesus) the intent has been to destroy that which is his enemy. One created lower than he used to be (Ps 8). To destroy that which in turn would cause pain to his own enemy, God. And to destroy human with temptation in order to reject the command to “be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth”

It seems that throughout time since the beginning, the plan has always been to stealthily attack the child born because if this is done then the command to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth cannot be accomplished.  and still they sleep. 

Still Adam sleeps. Still Eve rejects her charism of life giver, still what is used to thwart the Creator God (sexuality) is and has been the target for destruction.  A creation created to fill the heavens left bereft by a third of the angels led by the enemy of God.

It has been said that the fruit of sin was an “apple” Not so. But the attempted destruction has been the fruit of the intimacy between man and woman which fulfills the command to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth.

For the population controllers found willing participants to their plan was not difficult, just as Eve was a willing participant in the destruction of the innocent and pure relationship between God and humanity

And the rest of humanity has slept and sleeps while of course a happy enemy with a soothing and beneficent voice and many promises has attempted and continues to attempt another assault against woman, the man and the child who have been entrusted to continue by the Almighty. Rejection of “fruit” of tree of Life, abortion, killing of the fruit of the tree of life. Confusion of their knowledge of their birth gender, transgender, and gender mutilation, reassignment. 

And still humanity sleeps.

Its my body says Eve (woman) and I’ll do what I want with it. “I respect her decision to kill our baby” change the gender of her child it’s what child wants and feels like he/she wants in order to be happy. says the man and woman and their “fruit” and sleep continues and another death is discovered, a death of humanity. Designed in the image of God just like death that visited from the beginning

What’s next after transgender and gender reassignment and identifying as a different person, gender, species, multi gender, has been accepted, accommodated, legalised in the human society?

My suspicion is that interspecies assault and a way of reproduction of a hybrid type of humanity, sterile, and humanity in the image and likeness of the creator with a template of his son Jesus will be attempted to be replaced by something grotesque.

This while we slept. And the degradation conceived over many millennia is coming to pass.

No longer in the image of the creator but in the image of the enemy. His Jealousy at the perfect creation by his enemy God will have been destroyed by him or perhaps so he thinks.

Will we continue to sleep or wake up to the machinations of the one who from the beginning has hated the God who created him from the beginning, a beautiful angel and when he rebelled, he was barred the heavens  formerly his, and in his fury the enemy set out to destroy the ones who were beautiful like himself and create one not in His image beautiful but in his image grotesque. From the beginning he was grotesque and wanted all to be like him grotesque and to achieve this it was the “fruit” which had to be destroyed through the new “Eve” and the absent “Adam”