There’ s a major crisis in Ireland at present,it has never been so serious,there’s a real danger abortion will come into our country.
We need your help.
You can help by signing the Dublin Declaration,we are looking for 500 signatures of Doctors,especially obstetricians/ gynaecologists and nurses involved in Maternal healthcare. Pls, go to the website
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Background to current crisis
Ireland has been solidly pro-life with a pro-life culture and pro-life constitution ,there has never been a surgical abortion (direct intentional killing of unborn) in Ireland.
In the past few weeks
1). Marie Stopes,the international abortion provider has opened an abortion facility in Belfast,Northern Ireland….. The first one on the island of Ireland
2). This week the Government’s” expert group”( 4 out of the 12 identified as actively promoting abortion already), recommended to legalise abortion under the guise of ‘clarifying the law in exceptional cases’ in 3 of their 4 options.
The Catholic Bishops statement last week said
” The report of the expert group on the judgement in AB&C v Ireland ( in the European Court of Human Rights) has put forth options that could end the practise of making the vital distinction between abortion as distinct from medical treatment which do not directly and intentionally seek to end the life of the baby.
Current law and medical council guidelines allow nurses and Doctors in Irish hospitals to apply this vital distinction in practise.
This has been an important factor in ensuring that Irish hospitals are among the safest and best in the world for both a mother and her unborn baby during pregnancy.
The judgement of the European Court of Human Rights permits options not offered in this report e.g.option of introducing constitutional prohibition on abortion,or constitutional amendment to reverse the X case judgement”(a flawed judgement in1992 in Supreme Court in Dublin where the judges interpeted a pro-life constitutional amendment to the constitution as justifying abortion for a  mother threatening suicide).
The  report also identifies guidelines as an option,this may be the way forward if direct and intentional killing of either person continues to be excluded.
3). Politicians in the European Union have signed a petition protesting Ireland’s Pro- life position and demanding change.
4). Our coalition government with 1 party pushing abortion at every opportunity ,our Health Minister being pro-abortion and our Prime Minister being very weak and seems to have little regard for the wishes of the Irish people…..10,000 gathered outside the Dail (our parliament)for a pro- life vigil last week ,or protecting our pro- life constitution, thus making us very vulnerable .
5). Irish Media have had an unrelenting secular agenda for 40 years.
6). We have no Catholic Media or broadcast media .
7). And all of this was compounded by the tragic case of  Savita,a young married Hindu,Indian mother who died of sepsis after a miscarriage.
We are waiting the Government’s enquiry into her death (one of several), which may take months we are told. We don’t know what happened apart from the husband’s account.
It has been alleged that  the husband said that if she had an abortion she could have survived.
This tragic case has been hijacked by the pro abortion lobby to put pressure on our government to persuade the Irish people,who are always sympathetic in cases like this to legalise abortion.
Also it is alleged that the Doctor told them,that Ireland was a Catholic Country and they could not intervene to expedite this miscarriage or bring it to completion.
This statement ignited an extra ordinary malestrom of emotional response. it has been taken as what this issue is all about.and clouded the distinction between abortion and necessary medical management of pregnant mothers.
It’s such an emotional case that it has hampered clear thinking among the Irish people.
There’s been no deaths in Ireland from miscarriage or sepsis ,whereas there have been 13 deaths in the the past 3 years ,and  our Maternal Mortality Rate is one of the best in the world far better than UK.


  1. ( The FIAMC strongly supports the efforts of our association in Ireland and those of the pro-life people []