In attached article, published in the Bulletin of the International Medical Association of Our Lady of Lourdes (AMIL),
a Catholic pediatrician reflects on her pilgrimage to Lourdes and shares her experience serving Native Americans in the Southwest.

  • “Into the Heart of the West: A doctor from AMIL in the Navajo Reservation” – Dr. M. Colgan (USA) p. 40   2016 v89(334) 40-41

” As have many Americans, I grew up fascinated by Native culture…But only when I came to live on a reservation did I begin to glimpse the sad reality of modern Native American life.  Apache County, where I live now, is statistically one of the poorest in the United States. Many of my patients live several miles from the nearest paved road in small traditional dwellings called ‘hogans’ without electricity or indoor plumbing. Chronic disease, domestic violence, suicide, and substance abuse are prevalent.  Yet the Navajo retain a deep sense of their heritage and celebrate the beauty in their natural surroundings and of their traditional crafts…

“Fort Defiance Indian Hospital, also known by its Navajo name, “Tsehootsooi Medical Center,” is a modern facility located on a plain in the high desert of Northern Arizona, among spectacular rock formations molded from ancient sand dunes…Physicians at the hospital do outreach work at several nearby facilities, including a shelter for abused and neglected children and at “St. Michael’s Association for Special Education,” a residential and educational facility for handicapped children and adults…”

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Oremus pro invicem.  (Let’s pray for one another.)

Richard A. Watson, M.D.